0728/14th February 2023

The Sun tried hard to make a show yesterday.

Touching hill tops and light-barked trees.

Waiting for the kettle to boil, I glanced outside…

What do you know?

Harbingers of Spring?

Red-winged blackbirds have returned.

They caused me to make up a daft poem.

Which I shall spare you!

The stoic doves held firm to their branches in the waiting room tree.

While overhead, a Bluejay invited the new arrivals in.

“What, what, what?” said the Sparrows

“It’s too soon!”

“The Winter gang have not had time to pack!”

Even the gentle Cardinal was disquieted.

He doesn’t care for fuss.

The Cowbird tried to smooth things down:

“Don’t worry, mate. We’ll sort it out.”

“Are you the front runner? Many more coming?”

“Well yes, a few.” said the Redwing

“Good, good. I’m a front runner too. Exhausting responsibility, isn’t it?”

Not wanting to add to the fluster, a Dove landed on a grassy bank nearby and set out for the seed bowl overland, as it were, on foot.

She arrived looking quite fatigued.

A rumour got out about the early arrivals and this morning the Spikey-beaks gang gathered in a treetop to make a plan.

For the time being they have abandoned the field.

Gone for re-reinforcements perhaps!

It appears a temporary truce may have been achieved.

Everybody was grazing happily.

“Yes, well,” said Chief Sparrow

“We’ll do our best to manage.”

“Some extra seed would be appreciated.”

What a lot the poor Sparrows have to put up with.

In the meantime, on the back patio, a new face.

A very little face.

Small it may be, but the shrew must have sensed we were watching because whereas it had been darting in and out, as soon as cats arrived to watch and I with the camera, it became far more cautious.

These creatures, I discovered, are venomous as they are carnivores.

Their diet includes insects and mice and while I sympathise with the victims, we are grateful for all the help we can get.

Harbingers or no, it is too soon to celebrate Spring.

On the West Coast more snow, according to the news. In the 18 years I lived out there, I never wore more than a light jacket in winter and I only once saw significant snow.

Ever since I returned east, they have had bad winters.

That same news item advised that we in the Northeast may expect a snowy March.

Otherwise our winter is going to seem a real non-event.

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