Sparrow woe

7th February 2023

“Ahoy! Complaints Department!”

“There are squirrels in our breakfast!”


Mr/Mrs Cow are welcome. They are polite.

“And wait their turn.”

“Long-beaks think they own the world.”

“Rude. Pushy. Pugilists.”

“Oh. That’s a long word for a Sparrow. I think I’m going to faint.”


The little red one’s alright.”

“She’s got manners. And she’s small.”

“She lives under the hedge, so she‘s one of us.”


“But now! What is this, a fashion show?

“Who’s got the fluffiest tail?”

“Who’s got the tufftiest ears?”

“Tell them to take their show on the road!”


” ‘Course it’s too late now!”

“I mean look!”

“Nowt left. Not a thing.”

“And that’s not all, either, missus.”


“APeace-bird delegation came for a brunch meeting.”

“I tried saving face by calling it a pool party.”


“I did my best to smooth ruffled feathers.”

“But I’m just a wee Sparrow.”

“And I felt like a Tit.”


“When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my own flock let me down.”

“It turned into a total free-for-all.”


“I called a disciplinary meeting.”

“Look how that went. They staged a fly-out.”


“Ruined! My reputation is ruined!

“The Peace-birds are judging me. I just know it.”


“Next thing that stupid fat cat will be after me!”

Stupid fat cat made a deal:

“If you give me breakfast, I won’t stare at your friends.”

Not so stupid.

9 thoughts on “Sparrow woe

  1. “Pugilists” … indeed a long word for sparrows (and for me)! Haha 😄, a ‘peace bird delegation’ – that’s just so funny! You have a very active (and creative) brain Carolyn! I just read it to Berto and he thought I was reading a comic … thanks, you made us laugh (and best of all – your pictures match the dialogue perfectly)!

    1. Thank you. It’s nice to make someone smile. It’s funny, my father was not an animal lover but he enjoyed our budgies and he often wrote to me as if it was from them. I guess that’s where I got it from.

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