Rowdyism restored

1728/5th February 2023

Sometimes when I know the moon is full, I sit waiting for it to break the horizon and as often as not, my timing is misled by what I read online. Presumably this has to do with DST/EST. Or maybe I am hopelessly stupid.

Other times though, it’s just a delightful surprise.

Passing through the kitchen as darkness fell last night:

“Oh my!”

When the atmosphere is just right, it makes a pretty picture.

Maybe full moon was why I couldn’t rest last night. It was one of those nights when I found myself annoyingly nodding off over my book. Then when I gave up and put it down, I was wide awake.

Nowadays I don’t allow myself to toss and turn and fret. The light goes back on, the book re-opened, re-read the last chapter.

And repeat.

Brain was happy to sleep but could not persuade legs to cooperate.

An application of lidocaine spray finally did the trick.

This morning, I hardly needed a jacket to go outside.

And I was able to take my gloves off to take photographs.


To me, the image on left says:

“Poodle sitting to attention on a stool.”

Beneath the snow, signs of life.

The birds are much more relaxed now that it’s warmer.

Regular rowdyism has recommenced.

A few days ago before the deep chill, this fine Bluejay posed for me and I promised I would display his handsomeness to my readers.

Left side….

Full front…

Very attractive wings and tail feathers.

An altogether beautiful ensemble.

“Look! I can levitate!”

“Alright! That’s it for now!”

The gorgeous Mr Cardinal is more mild-mannered.

Our little stripe-headed friend is back.


He took a bow but then complained about being upstaged.

“He will not get out of the frame!”

“Mild manners? He’s just Flash!”

“Never mind. We can break bread together.”

“Or seed, as it were.”

“Let there be PEACE”

4 thoughts on “Rowdyism restored

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the magnificent Full Moon. I just watched my here, it is such a pleasure!
    Thank you for the birds, especially Bluejay..


  2. Indeed “Oh my” … what wonderful rising moon photos you have here! I love how the Bluejay ‘posed’ for you – that’s one handsome chap! I think I’ve said this before, but I just love your conversations between the birds (or other animals) … it makes me laugh (and reminds me to pay attention to our own birds’ conversations in the garden) 🙂.

  3. I’m jealous of you having Bluejays and Cardinals. Such attractive birds. We are back to sharp frosts here, but only until the weekend, apparently.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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