In search of birthday cake

0711/25th January 2023

Awake long before I needed to be, I turned off the alarm on my iPhone in approximately 6 ways, but it was delighted to inform me at 6 am that no, I hadn’t done it properly.

How is it that what you can set in motion with one simple step, requires so many more actions to cancel?

It’s like trying to un-join a book club. Do they even still exist? Maybe I did not ever actually succeed in cancelling my subscription. Maybe the club just ceased to be.

Yesterday’s snow flurries soon subsided and this morning’s expected event was conveniently delayed by a few hours so, having allowed extra time for school buses and other hindrances, we simply sailed along through the dark.

At one intersection, Grant moaned when a truck turned before of us:

“Oh no! He’ll just putt-putt…”

So my driver opted to alter our route. Next thing, there were complaints about having a car behind us:

“His lights are reflecting in my mirror!

And now he had decided, that in the dark, he prefers to follow another car as it gives him the benefit of their headlights. Too many creatures leap out of the dark.

My contrary driver got us to destination with 20 minutes to kill so we debated the meaning of this sign in an adjacent lot.

We tried to visualise the sort of light show one might watch while washing one’s laundry and decided it must be the car wash that offers this extravaganza.

The smaller, green sign advised :

“Superior Washes: 2 for $35.”

If you really enjoy the light show, you can circle around and do it all again. Our car is in need of a wash, so I left Grant to consider the matter but when I returned he had his head stuck in a book and the car was still dirty.

An un-enthusiastic search for *birthday cake took us off our normal route home. I had asked one of the nurses where I might find such a thing but it seems ” go left out of the parking lot” was insufficient instruction and Grant cannot abide “messing about”.

He needs precise, timely directions and my improvising didn’t cut the mustard. So we just enjoyed another new route.


.*His, not mine


No doubt a once-loved house.

Architecture in these parts is eclectic.

Rice Mansion, Cambridge NY

“Doric columns” are very popular!


This house would not be out of place in Tibet.

Mostly, though, we enjoyed the scenery and a snow-laden sky

We took this side road which had been nicely cleared.

Winter scenes probably do not appeal to everyone.

But as I just may have mentioned…I love Winter!

Maybe it seems bleak, but I love the contrasts.

Mount Tom in the distance

It would appear that I took rather an abundance of photographs this morning.

My right hand having been numbed in order for a nerve to be ablated, it is protesting that it now needs to rest and to warm up, please!

(It’s looking a bit blue!)

If you’d care for more scenes of snow and sky, you may see them here tomorrow.

But if you pretty sun, sea and sand I’ll understand. I have some of those too, but mostly they are stored in my memory.

9 thoughts on “In search of birthday cake

  1. Whose birthday? Lots of pictures, but I was shocked by the abandoned beautiful house, why no one can restore and live in it? Thank you, Carolyn, for your spirited effort.
    I don’t ever need alarm clock, just tell myself what time I want to get up and I wake on the dot.


    1. There are abandoned houses everywhere and yes, it is shameful. I think I can manage without a clock too but without a back-up I just wouldn’t go to sleep!

  2. Grant is right about following another car in the dark. It makes life easier.
    Two car washes for $35 is still very expensive. I would never pay £17.50 for a coin-operated car wash!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. It’s great to see your road in the early morning light – suddenly it looks a lot different! I like your winter scenes (much more than ours) … yours looks like a fairy tale, while ours is just plain cold, windy and wet (on the West Coast at our permanent residence). Where we’re currently living, last year’s winter was mild and sunny.
    Oh, and happy birthday to Grant – what now about the cake? Is someone going to bake …

    1. He doesn’t trust the ingredients I might use! He got a Kahlua cheesecake. There is a order of nuns nearby who make them. I cannot eat because of lactose intolerance. Used to be one of my favourite things but when stuff make you feel sick, it’s amazing how fast you can go off them! How is Berto doing?

      1. Oh well, the Kahlua cheesecake sounds delicious! Berto is still in hospital 😔 … but we hope the surgical drain can come out tomorrow, which mean he might then be able to come home … I hope! Thank you for asking.

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