Good things

1620/23rd January 2023

By 4 pm the snow had finally stopped and little bits of colour began to show through the vast whiteness of our landscape.

When it snows, there is never a shortage of images.

Here’s a question:

Does it make a difference to your perception, which way the bird is facing in the above images? To me it does. Presumably it’s the way our brain processes information.

A White-breasted Nuthatch.

It sneaked in while the Starlings were distracted.

Need I say it, I love them.

There is something special about the stillness after a snowstorm..

It’s a sense of peace that I have experienced under the night sky in a desert.

And in the bow of a small ship far out to sea.

A sense of being one with whatever else is out there.

At nine o’clock I was tucked up with my book when there came a crunching in the driveway and suddenly my room was floodlit.

Our “snowman” had arrived.

The job took less than 5 minutes but even though the driveway was passable, it was as well to get it cleared properly before the *next lot.

This morning….it hadn’t seemed that much!

Grant had to clear the garage door again, but he didn’t complain. He’s still a little bemused by last night’s happening.

When he came up for supper he had been scratching his head, wondering how the ‘engine room’ door had got locked.

It never has been and doesn’t need to be.

In a spare drawer I had a bunch of old keys which I offered but none fit the lock. So it was a conundrum.

Because the necessary tools were inside, of course.

Never mind, we are resourceful, we could improvise.

My part was simply to provide paper clips and a tapestry needle, and to keep a low profile. I sat at the my desk listening for sound effects.

Amazingly there were none, which made me suspicious.

When it got late, I received a request to administer the cat’s last snack of the day. I could do that!

Searching for cats took me downstairs to where Grant was now, astoundingly, on the other side of the closed door.

Having “snacked” the missing cats, I contemplated the door and wondered if I should say anything.

Just then a disembodied voice muttered incomprehensible words and the door opened.

“I thought maybe you had shape-shifted”, I said.

The man shook his head.

“I just spent two hours being very ‘Zen’, poking and fiddling.”

“To no avail. So I was going to break the lock.”

“Just tapped it with a hammer and the door flew open.”

Then he had gone inside and re-closed the door, which jammed again.

This time though, whatever words of hocus-pocus he uttered, he managed to free himself.

It was obvious he was in something of a daze because he went around dishing out more snacks to the cats who were more than delighted to be woken up for an extra meal.

For over four years that door has been opened and closed by merely turning the handle. We never even considered that it had a lock.


Yesterday’s walk having been called for snow, Dee Dee marched determinedly out.

Toby ran back in almost knocking Muffin over in his haste.

“Only good for penguins!” he complained.

Dee Dee set off to catch up with Grant

…but sat down to re-consider.

Then Muffin ventured out

“That will do for today!”

she said about 30 seconds later.

“If I was you, I wouldn’t bother” she told Lily.

“You only have a thin coat to protect you.”

So sweet, how they care about each other.


(It isn’t all that cold today.)

“Is that man coming back soon?” demanded Dee Dee

“I’ll do the rounds while I wait.”

… ‘That man still didn’t come back?”

“Oh, too bad. I’m not getting my butt froze out here!”

She strode back in and took up her vantage point at a window.

Dee Dee likes to keep track of her man. After digging snow, he went to the Post Office and she sat staring till he returned.

Then she perked up, especially when she got a whiff of what he’d brought back.

Fresh roasted chicken is Dee Dee’s favourite thing.



Er, no, the Post Office doesn’t do roast chicken. That came from Hannaford’s. Just to be clear.

Lily had abandoned the idea of a walk so she could keep company with her friend Sophia.

Lily is totally self-sufficient and has never cuddled with another cat or appeared to befriend one until now.

It’s as if she knows Sophia is lonely.

Which is imposing human emotion on their connection.

But whatever it is, it seems good.


*The “next lot” currently starting to arrive at 3 pm….

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  1. Wow, what a stunning winter wonderland! Shame, the doves are all puffed up against the cold and what a beautiful picture does the Cardinal makes! Ha, you will need to let Toby know: Snow walking is good for penguins AND Dee Dee (and maybe a little bit for Muffin as well)!

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