Snow bringer?

23rd January 2023

“There should be snow!” I said

And there was.

Rather a lot.

As always, the Snowbirds arrived. (right)

A bit of a tight squeeze in the hedge.

When I went out at my usual hour, I had to dig around for the seed bowls. It was still snowing, so I put them up on the porch.

But there was nowhere to put nuts.

The Crows paid close attention. They won’t come to the porch

When I somewhat tardily went back out with a brush, they saw the bucket of nuts in my hand and a great cheer went up.

“It’s alright! She’s got our nuts!”

Without thinking too deeply, I cleared snow off the old wheelbarrow.

Not a wheelbarrow at all, but what else do I call it?

This is where I spread out the nuts.

Later, now installed at my desk I realised the wheelbarrow was concealed behind my snow-laden butterfly bush.

So I didn’t get the full benefit of watching the Crows squabble over their belated meal, but they made short work of it.

Yesterday, when we only had a little bit of snow…

His Nibbs came to stare at mice under the hedge.

He lives in a stable, so you’d think he’d have plenty of his own.

Apparently he prefers ours.

Slim pickings today for the poor Hawk.

Everybody’s gone to ground. Not a squirrel in sight.

3pm and the flurries that were supposed to stop 2 hours ago continue. Grant is off to clear the path again.

He says I summoned this “event”.

Admittedly, I have had this appear to happen before.

When my mother needed rain in Barbados she sent for me because my arrival guaranteed rain.


Assuming this event ever actually stops, the next one is predicted for Wednesday morning when I have a 7.30 am appointment.

Having adjusted our departure to account for school buses, we must now factor in snow.

“Just curl up in a ball and forget about it.”

On a gray day there’s nothing can cheer me up more than a pretty bird.

Mrs Cardinal

And a little Goldfinch. It at last got a look-in! Time for another top-up.

5 thoughts on “Snow bringer?

  1. Wonderful shots of crows in flight! Stay warm, and I hope they are wrong about Wednesday. Here, we have a winter storm warning for tomorrow night. I am hoping they are overstating when they mention 10 inches. Beautiful, but so much work!!

  2. Amazingly beautiful! So much snow – it now looks like proper winter there by you. Mrs Cardinal is certainly putting some colour to your pictures … but I like the snowy photos you have on show today!

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