Finding colour

1642/15th January 2023

Yesterday afternoon’s 15 minute art show.


Friday 13th had been delightfully soggy and scenic.

Foggy, too. Summit Lake’s Winter look.

Not nearly as frozen as it usually is in January.

There is always colour to be found.

Even if it’s only the centre line of a rural road.

The lid of a rubbish bin. The dreaded school bus sign!

A wet Willow tree.

Generally speaking, my favourite colour is blue.

But the colours of Winter have always appealed to me as well.

Not just the colours but the textures and patterns.

Stripes, or lines and little dabs of colour like in pointillist paintings.


Grey winter light reveals blemishes that might otherwise not show.

If you see what I mean.

Sad to say, the above is a common sight. This day, though, we passed by properties piled high in trash of every sort. A terrible blemish in such a scenic setting.

Leaving Summit Lake, we had been a bit lost but soon we found ourselves quite close to home, at

Lauderdale Lake.

Home stretch.

That wraps up Friday! I already gave you yesterday evening’s images and because I like doing things backwards, here are a few from earlier in the day. After so much overcast, the brightness was compelling.

“It may be sunny, but it’s perishing cold, missus!”

4 thoughts on “Finding colour

  1. What a lovely art show – presented for free by Nature! I don’t normally see the words “soggy” and “scenic” in one sentence … but somehow, it fits your photos perfectly!

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