1612/30th December 2022

Moderating weather brought heavy cloud.

Retreating snow gave up another undelivered parcel!

Anywhere within a half mile constitutes “delivery”!


Approaching the New Year responsibly, I decided to see if we would need to make adjustments to accommodate cat resolutions, so I went to find out their intentions.

Here’s what they said:



“I’m in a rush. I’ll get back to you.”

She’s always in a rush.

Or sound asleep



“Take back my chair from Willow! And write a book!”

“Oh. What kind of book?”

“How to assert your rights.”

“Been ousted!”


Dee Dee:

“Going to start charging union dues and open an accountancy.”

“What will you accept as currency?”


“Oh. And I’m negotiating with Lucy to become her scribe.”

“Are your rates cheaper than mine?”

“Well that’s not possible, but on January 3rd we become a union shop!”

“And you’re the chief shop steward?”

“Yes. So there will be no more freebies from management!”



“I don’t know. I can tell you what Lily’s going to do.”

“What’s that?”

“She’s going to help Sophia with her anxiety issues and institute a penalty system for anyone who upsets her.”

“Oh! How will she keep track?”

“By using Dee Dee’s accountancy.”


“Going to sleep. And eat. And help with the blog”

“Whatever that is.”


“Going to join Sophia’s support group. To get control of my nerves!”


“What could I possibly need to change?”


“Revolutions?! I don’t want to fight! I’m Himalayan!”

“No Muffin. Resolutions. Something you are going to do better or differently.”

“Oh thank goodness for that!”

“I’m going to learn the map of Africa.”

“And take singing lessons.”


“I’m going to coach Muffin with her singing.”

“Do you think Dee Dee will let me do it free of charge?”

“Not a chance!”


Could not be reached for comment, but Lily is “cautiously optimistic” about her progress.


“I resolve to lick your face. And your ears…”

“In case Dee Dee gets too big for her boots, I’ll exert my seniority.”

“I can keep inventory too you know.”

“Heretofore I’ve not chosen to do so.”

“Just letting you know.”

Himalayan peace-keeping force



7 thoughts on “Revolutions

  1. Haha Carolyn, I had a good laugh now with all the cats’ revolutions … sorry, I mean resolutions 😄. I like Tinkerbelle’s wishes for 2023! The very best to you, Grant and all furry ones! I wanted to wish you good health for this year … but it seems I should rather hope for no union actions from the cats!

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