At least one

1538/31st December 2022

The somber atmosphere of New Year’s Eve seemed set to continue when finally I pulled up my blind this morning.

Various cats had been keen to start the New Year off at 6 am at which point it was still dark, so I subdued them and returned to my crib but Brain had been disturbed and refused to switch back off.

“You little buggers better not think this behaviour will be allowed to continue!” I told my fine friends.

“We was just thinking about the dear little dicky birds needing their breakfast” said Dee Dee.

“But as long as you’re up…”

As we ate our own breakfast a change was occurring.

Washing up, I observed the “cleft” whence our weather often emerges.

As the Sun broke through, I kept dumping my dish towel and seizing the camera….

…after four years, I am still not tired of seeing the trees light up.

It’s not likely to occur as long as I draw breath.

How many mornings gone by have I failed to enjoy all that Nature provides?

How ever many times I capture the same terrain, the images can never be the same.

Sometimes a few birds grace the image.

The “dear little dicky birds” were thrilled by an ice-free morning

What could be more simple than watching a few little brown birds disporting themselves in a bowl of water?

Yet it fills me with delight.

Every time.

My humble New Year’s resolve, to enjoy all the little moments we are graced with every day.

Surely, on the worst day, there is always at least one?

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