1635/29th December 2022

The soft light of our evenings is blessedly calming.

Though I have no current reason to need such a balm.

2022 inspires no lame poems or rantings, as for me it held no great personal dramas.

Which makes me truly fortunate.

From my comfortable corner I have watched aghast as the year unfolded, powerless to help in any but the most insignificant way.

Being a spectator has never suited me.

All I can do is express sympathy. Good wishes are better than indifference, but are sadly inadequate.

So I thought I would pick a few photographs from this year that I hope will earn a smile.


On March 20th a bedraggled possum came for a snack.

At the end of March, Groundhog babies appeared to provide endless entertainment.

Starlings use our seed trays for a light snack in transit to greener pastures, one supposes.

Once they have depleted our suet supplies, they move on without so much as a thank you.

But I like these cheeky birds.

At the end of March people were ready for some colour.

As was apparent by this display of Adirondack chairs!

It was time to start thinking about the garden.

“Oh, I can help you with that!”

Next, Zoomer turned up.

“I ‘s famished! Bin a long night!”

Red-winged Blackbirds and American Robins stopped for a seed or two

April showers. We had a few of those.

Clover was beginning to flourish.

How pretty it looked, so finely decorated.

“I ‘s nearly got drownded down my hole!”

“Bit o’ carrot to make me feel better.”

Yas, missus. Keep ’em coming, eh?”

(Apparently he’s Canadian)

On April 17th, more fine weather.

But blooms were appearing.

Spring? What Spring?

It seems it came late this year!

“Hey, you weren’t going to forget me were you?”

Never, Little Red!

The Grosbeaks made a very brief appearance this year at the beginning of May. Maybe too much competition? I love these pretty birds and miss them.

The Orioles don’t stay either. This was only the second time we’ve seen one.

The first time we rushed off to get oranges for them but the fruit ended up being a treat for Mrs Plod, the blind possum.

The Towhee has become a stranger too:(

How can I get them to come back?

Down at the pond, the Terrapins were getting frisky.

Maybe this is Mr Little Red

Before long the Little Red population had grown!

House Finch, right. Finches are so sweet.

Thrasher, above. Such a neat bird!

Peanut the Fox appeared at the end of May

We seldom see her now but we know she has a mate.

The Bunny keeps a wary eye!

This only gets us to June and it’s getting late. Who knew I had so any friends! But I can’t go without posting the Raccoons.

And a token Squirrel…or two.

…and Mama Groundhog

“My kids are so messy. New bedding every day!”

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  1. Carolyn, thank you so much for this past year’s beautiful photos and the entertaining animal anecdotes. Here’s wishing you, Grant and all the kitties a lovely New Year.

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