Complaints department

0710/29th December 2022

The wake-up committee almost persuaded me to rise at 6 o’clock this morning but taking a second look at the clock, as well as the darkness beyond my window, I fell back in bed.

Whereupon they mounted a second assault. Fending them off I pulled a sheet over my head and must have dropped off, as I woke with a start feeling suffocated.

“Who lives this way?!” I moaned.

By then though I was ready to forgive, as I might otherwise have missed a rather splendid dawn.

Splendid enough to see me run outside wearing nothing but a sweater over my night shirt and a pair of rubber clogs.

Compared to last week, the morning air felt positively balmy, though it was interesting that having come back in to dress and collect bird seed, I now properly garbed, noticed it was a bit fresh.

But it was the beginning of a beautiful day.

Our view has been changing gradually as recent snow melts off and in another day the remainder will likely be washed away.

January and February are usually our coldest months

So it’s unlikely this will be the last sight of snow.

Nearby horses enjoyed a sunny morning.

Greenwich sheep found something to graze.

Our Christmas trees have lost their decoration.

But I’m sure the Sparrows must be rejoicing, as that is one of their favourite roosts.

For several days, over Christmas I was obliged to create a substitution for peanuts when the supply ran out.

If anything, I think they rather preferred my concoction.

But suddenly we had lots of peanuts

Grant managed to obtain 2 bags and then he located our shipment which had been tossed beside the road again.

One of the bags had burst, which is quite normal.

Lately I’ve been getting peanuts from our pet food supplier as they are significantly cheaper.

One suspects that whoever loads the boxes is not quite inspired by their job. And the shipper, which is one of the best known, employs people who seem a little passive-aggressive.

In the past I complained.

This pet food company has the best customer service department I have ever dealt with. They replace any item that is damaged or torn open, without question.

It’s cheaper than paying people adequately to care how they pack boxes.

The shipping company is a whole other problem.

Our little friends don’t care how the nuts are delivered.

As long as they keep coming.

6 thoughts on “Complaints department

  1. I have a one-cat complaint department but what it lacks in numbers it makes up for in volume.
    It’s possible that with more cats they have each other to wake and annoy. When it’s just the one then you – the sleeper and /or your companion – are the only target.

    It also seems to be the case that the less there is to complain about the fewer the complaints.

  2. Delivery companies here have started to dump parcels on roundabouts and in country lanes. I had never heard of such a thing until this November, so conclude that it is another unwanted ‘American import’, along with baseball caps.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Sunrise on the 29th of December was brilliant in your area! Here on the West Coast of South Africa, the first two months are the hottest months of the year … I will soon find out what the weather will be like on the South East coast of the country! I heard stories of late afternoon thunderstorms with humid and hot conditions …

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