A barn cat

20th December 2022

Some pictures of one of our recent meanderings.

It was a good day for admiring trees.

In their true form.

White bark so lovely against a blue sky.

A flock of Starlings seemed to be following us!

We had been to Clifton Park and as ever, took a side road.

A solitary deer watched us pass.

We were obliged to slow down for a murder!

Thoughtless of us to disturb them.

Willows in Winter.

It was a brilliant day for tree-gazing.

The Hudson’s Winter look

Willard Mountain has a ski slope (right)

Shapes and patterns of Winter

Once again we tried a different road.

Which took us we knew not where…

Sooner or later we’d recognize something…

A barn cat knew exactly where he was going!

Before long, sure enough…our road.

7 thoughts on “A barn cat

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the white bark against the blue sky. Did you invite the cat to tea for showing you way? Are you sure he is not homeless and hungry?


  2. When I first moved to Norfolk in 2012, I used to take random turns and roads that seemingly led to nowhere. If you have a half-decent sense of direction, it is always easy to get back on track.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Your tree photos are fascinating! There are so MANY birds in that one tree … and how beautiful is the Willow tree! Just a question: Are the dirt roads scraped every day to remove the snow?

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