0717/25th December 2022

For the past few days I have been listening to choir music.

Not Christmas music, “Sacred Choir Music” that I found at random on YouTube.

The sound is one I have always found soothing. It touches me deep inside.

Russian choirs especially.

What is it in this sound that is so moving? I tried to work it out.

Maybe it’s the harmony of many voices singing together.

And the vibration of all those voices.

The acoustics of a cathedral.

It can be deeply haunting.

Maybe it is sad, but it is also hopeful.

The sound of eternity.

Figuratively, of course.

Brain provides me with fanciful ideas.

What I think I mean by “eternity” is all of human history and all our futures, the immensity of which makes our single short existence so unimportant.

All our struggles, our pain, our joy and our love, in that immensity all become one.

Strangely, the thought comforts me.

This time of year always makes me introspective.

So, I was washing dishes yesterday morning and gazing out the window, when I heard a disembodied plaint that seemed to emit from the drain pipe.

“Must be His Nibbs”, I thought, standing on tiptoes to look out.

Nope. Not him.

The cry repeated and then I remembered that the door beneath the sink had been open. Dee Dee must have been doing inventory (and expecting double-time recompense for working on a holiday).

She opens, but does not close doors behind her, so I had pushed it shut.

Bending over, I opened the one beneath me.

“I was looking for my Christmas present!” wailed Muffin.

“I would have looked under the tree but we haven’t got one.”

“Don’t you remember, Muffin, we all agreed in future that instead of getting Christmas presents, we would send away to help poor homeless kitties?”

“Well I was homeless once, too.”

“Yes and that’s why you understand.”

“Oh. Does Dee Dee know that? She’s our manager and she didn’t say.”

“Typical manager. Failure to communicate.”

“About that double-time payment, Dee Dee…”

“I’m so over managing.”

I’m going to be a shop steward instead.”

A solitary Starling came to pay his regards.

And a chickadee gave its approval of the peanut substitute.

“These ones are good too” it said, seizing a sunflower seed.

But could not take-off with the weight and dropped it.

Late in the day, two more visitors.

The little one has some scarring, but she seemed fine,

It’s slim pickings for these poor creatures.

A photograph that’s totally wrong in many ways.

But it appeals to me.


Time to make more of that concoction….

Will there be peanuts soon?

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  1. In my opinion, shop stewards have more power than managers (they’re in touch with those on the ground), but they get paid less! That last photo … definitely one of my favourites thus far!

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