1417/3rd December 2022

Maybe it’s worth having a few stormy days to remind us to appreciate fine weather.

The morning walkers yesterday displayed a rare lack of enthusiasm.

“We going to just sit here for a moment”

Lily shook her head as Toby took a deep breath and sauntered out.

“Sissies!” He cried.

Lily didn’t like being called a sissy, so she stuck her nose out:

“Blah! No way! It’s cold out there. And wet!”

She ran back in and launched an intensive grooming session. “Get it off me!”

Lucy, who lately clamors to go out, hunkered down on her chair.

“It’s my day for sleeping in” she said.

Willow watched wide eyed. She is very curious about what goes on, out. Grant thinks I should let her join the walk but I just can’t bring myself to encourage her.

If you have ever had a cat that went out not to return, you will understand why. And yes, I do worry about all of the walkers!


It was a bit wet, but Toby was not daunted and had to be fetched back.

Do you get the sense that yesterday morning was a bit of a blur?

This morning started a bit early.

Fending off Toby who was trying to chew the right side of my head and Patches who was licking the left, I realized that the downstairs light was on which meant Grant was up.

First thought: “Something’s wrong!”

Second thought: “Which cat?”

It’s over five years ago, but I can still hear the anguished sound of Grant’s voice as he entered the “Kitty Suite” one morning:

“Willow’s dead!” (Grey Willow is named for her)

No such ghastly announcements this morning.

The scratching in his ceiling had woken the man. Which still is not the best news, considering it’s my floors and ceilings that are being scratched and chewed by tiny rodent teeth.

After discovering what mice did to the wiring in my car, we went into mouse-defense mode, employing every precaution we could think of, including the final solution πŸ™

Having eleven resident cats does not deter mice, even when their ranks are reduced nightly.

It’s a little suspicious, actually. It has been some weeks since the last killing.

Perhaps they have signed a detente….

When Grant came home on Friday he was shaking his head:

“I just saw a mouse jump out of the car!”


We held a briefing for the cats:

“There are eleven of you. So one night in eleven you are going to be on car duty. How about we start with you, Dee Dee?”

“How much you pay?”

They are so mercenary. We ditched the idea anyway.

These mice just laugh at cats.

It’s a mouse version of the running of the bulls.

“Phew. That’s a relief!” said Muffin

“I couldn’t hurt a mouse!”

Neither could I, but I don’t want the house to fall down either.

Grant is dealing with it.

Let’s just say the crows are enjoying extra snacks.

Maybe that’s why we are less unpopular these days.

Not popular. Just less un.

When I go outside in the morning now. I am greeted by a chorus:

“Where’s our NUTS?!”

“You want nuts, you give me picture!”



Now here’s a question: Is everyone else getting a WordPress question of the day?

When you click the initial “Write”, are you promptly being confronted with an inquiry?

Yesterday I was asked how I felt about eating meat. I don’t. Eat meat.

Today they want to know if I am a morning or a night person. Middle of the day?

Even if I was prepared to answer, I’ve no idea where I would submit my reply.

It seems not to be required.


9 thoughts on “Questions

  1. No question of the day for me. I would ignore it anyway, as I do most thiongs from the ever-glitchy WordPress.
    You do need to kill those mice, unfortunately. The repair bills will outshine any remorse.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. No question of the day for me. But i have had the mouse car problem. My solution was to hang a bag of mothballs in there. I’ve also heard that eucalyptus also acts as a repellent.

  3. I don’t have questions, but they misspelled my surname, by removing an “n”.
    I wrote to your long time ago that you need to get only rodent repellent, natural one or prepare one yourself. You mix natural peppermint, lavender and citronella essential oil, and spray everywhere you need. The mice problem will be gone. This works also on flies.


    1. We have applied all sorts of repellents and keeping topping up. Which is why it was rather startling when Grant saw that one the other day. The cats alone have eliminated dozens but there are always more. We can only keep trying. In Winter they seek warmth, of course. It is a country problem, but I will never go back to city living.

  4. I don’t get questions from the WP either … maybe I don’t write enough stories πŸ™ƒ. Oh yes, and I’m with the cats (just not Toby) – if it’s wet and cold outside, I’d rather find a nice warm chair INSIDE (like today, it’s not cold but it’s raining hard and constantly)! I think you need to have another urgent meeting with the 11 cats about the mouse problem … maybe you can promise some more treats!

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