Cat’s in the bag

Breakfast time, on any given day

This is an approximation of what your living room floor might look like, should you venture into multi-cat accommodation.

This morning we were discussing how we would manage if anyone should be mad enough to come for an overnight visit.

Unless you are acclimatized to a particular sort of chaos, living this way even for a night could be a bit much to expect.

We try, oh we try to control it.

But, you see Cats and Control do not co-exist.

As a temporary measure, we can sweep most of the chaos into a few boxes and place them aside but the cats themselves cannot be contained.

Punishment would be too extreme.

And cats recognize ailurophobes. Those are the people they immediately target:

“Hi! Who are you?”

We keep cat-proofing covers for a reason.

At what point would one remove them to create an appearance approaching normal?

So what is the solution?

We’ll find out if the time comes….

In the meantime, I don’t want anyone to think that we are complete slobs. We do try to contain things.

There just tends to be a slight overflow at times.

It’s important to keep cats content. By supplying what they like.

Such as boxes, by the multitude.

And paper bags of many sorts.

These are a particular favourite of Willow.

“But that’s Muffin!”

Willow is inside the bag.

She likes the orange toy.

She likes to be engaged

One or two of our charges are quiet, undemanding cats.

Content to have a warm bed and regular meals.

Let’s see, who would that be?

Sophia, um who else…..

Perhaps it’s just Sophia.

They issue demands in different ways.

Willow is a quiet cat. You would almost not notice her.

Though she does occasionally chase Sophia.

Content mostly to be left alone, Willow does like a game at breakfast time.

She arrives silently and taps on one of her bags…

…and goes to stare at Grant.

His cue to turn on the red light.

But she likes to play solo.

If another cat joins in, Willow withdraws.

Then she can be placated with catnip…

… and she shows her wild side!

Often though, she just likes to be in the bag.

Where no one can see her.

But she’s totally vigilant.

10 thoughts on “Cat’s in the bag

  1. So cute 💕 I always wanted cats but I’m allergic to their fur 😭. I’m thinking of taking allergic treatment so I can have a cat in the future 💖💕

  2. That’s a great collection of beautiful photographs of beautiful cats having a great time! You just got to love this wonderful post…

  3. I suspect than any overnight guest would not be able to bring their dog with them. 🙂
    (Even a wrinkly old dog with arthritis who sleeps a lot.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. I love your cat gallery … looks like loads of fun! And Willow in the bag – how cute is that! Thanks for sharing these – I guess one can say there is never a dull moment in your house 😉.

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