0730/20th November 2022

No two days are ever the same.

After taking these pictures, I caught the rare sight of two squirrels peacefully sharing a meal on the patio.

The camera being still in hand, I snapped a photo.

Then I looked up to see what other creatures might be about and:

“Oh! Hello!”

We rarely see a stag and clearly this chap had not noticed me as I approached the door.

Endeavouring not to move, I tilted the camera up and clicked at just the moment the stag caught sight of me.

He abandoned his meal and disappeared swiftly up the hill into the woods.

As it grew dark last night I noticed this little trio.

My camera was in another room, so I took pictures with my iPhone.

Considering the failing light and my less than steady hand, the iPhone did alright, but I have yet to master its photographic abilities.

My old phone having been dropped, day one of its activation, onto the very hard garage floor and numerous times thereafter, it was obviously a matter of time till its demise.

After a long debate, I made a compromise. The new iPhone was available but I judged it too expensive. So, I settled on an earlier version, now reduced in price.

Having ordered the thing, I became apprehensive. I don’t get on with phones of any description, especially not “intelligent” ones.

What if it was beyond my capability? Once before I had had to abandon a phone I couldn’t master.

A voice would suddenly come from my pocket, inevitably one I particularly didn’t want to speak to.

“Hello?” I would whisper, hoping to discourage them.

“You called me?”

Then: “Shit!” I’d think.

I am hard put to find anything to say when I have initiated a call, let alone when in the middle of a supermarket and unprepared for conversation.

It seemed to happen regularly with that contraption.

So what if I couldn’t cope with the iPhone?

Within two days of the order, a box arrived, containing the new device. I placed it on my desk and viewed it as one might a letter bomb.

It was only the next day when I dared to open the box and another day passed before I attempted to activate the thing.

With previous phones, this procedure has always been fraught with frustration.

What I should have taken into account is that I have been an Apple user for some years. And that their phone might have certain familiarity.

Removing my new phone from its box, I immediately knew it was different. It was somehow more solid, more robust than my previous devices. I had not expected that!

It certainly wasn’t because I was pre-disposed to like it.

The transfer from my old phone…simple!

Over the next few days I got acquainted with the iPhone without trying to master it completely, or all at once. First the essentials, which were easy due to my familiarity with Apple.

One thing I never expected was to like my iPhone, because I simply don’t like telephones of any sort.

But this one is very multi-functional. Do I need it to be?

Do I need a phone that can behave as a magnifier? Alarm clock? GPS guide? How about a measuring device? That’s certainly handy.

Admittedly, I don’t need to be told how many steps I walked today or whether my gait has become unstable.

Nor do I need to be told, when I set the alarm, that I will not be getting sufficient sleep…

Not that I shall ever attempt it, but if I wanted to, I could edit and post blogs using this wondrous invention.

It won’t make my bed or do the laundry. Perhaps the next incarnation.

There is much about the phone I have yet to discover and I must learn more about its camera.

Willow got inside a paper bag earlier on and because I had the phone on me, I was able to capture the moment.

Bundling up against today’s frosty dawn, I grabbed my actual camera.

Judging by these, I guess the moon is waning.

It always pleases me to see her.

With no wind, it didn’t feel like 18 (F) .

As reported on my iPhone.

While I was searching for some other image, lost in my bottomless archives, the mouse came to rest on this one from February 2021.

There were many others at around that time and many were much better lit so I think I didn’t pay this one much attention.

Seeing it again made me laugh. I had such fun with that ice sculpture which was only possible because of the extended period of below-freezing temperatures.

Last Winter I was ready to try another sculpture but it was not cold enough, long enough.


Maybe you would like to think of a caption?

7 thoughts on “Caption?

  1. No snow yet in Seattle. And last week I was in Boston – no snow there either but the weather did an abrupt turn from sun bathing to sheltering from the freezing bitter wind and cold.

  2. You certainly didn’t do bad with your phone – the photos are beautiful! Willow has the most expressive expressions… gotta love that cute little face! And I remember your ice sculptures – I really hope there will be more opportunities for creating more this winter!
    A caption: Willow trying to navigate the missus through her iPhone …

  3. I never attempt to set up a phone. I have a ‘rolling contract’ with a provider, and on the rare occasions I can be bothered to upgrade, I go to the shop and sit there for 10 minutes while they set it up for me. I have never had anything Apple, but the latest i-phone was very tempting.

    Until I saw the price of the increased contract.

    I currently pay £21 a month for unlimited calls and texts, and 1Gb of Internet. (Which I don’t use on my phone.) It is a large-screen Android/Google-based Oppo brand phone, made in China, (as is the Apple phone) and after two years on the contract, I ‘own it’. The latest ‘special deal’ on the newest i-phone (14 Pro-Max) would cost me £65 a month.

    Not happening.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It’s great they can do that for you. I’m not sure any of our companies do. I don’t have a contract and I pay $35 a month plus $5 insurance on the iPhone. If I wanted to make overseas calls I would pay another $5 but these days people use Whatsapp. I just don’t make calls! My new phone is much more “friendly” and I do like the camera. Yes, everything is made in China . It makes me sick.

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