June 2019

Patches used to be Sophia’s cuddle-buddy

Originally a foursome. Sadly Bu and Bob passed on.

Sophia and Patches made the long road journey from Seattle in 2018 and settled into their new home which was very different.

Instead of living in one room with a couple of other cats, they suddenly had a whole house to explore.

And several other cats to meet! 11 of them, to be precise.

In time they all found favourite spots and established a vague (very vague) pecking order.

Lily has seniority but declined the role of Top Cat

Dee Dee (Sasha)

Happily deferring to the assertive Dee Dee.

“No time for politics!” said Lily.

She assumed the role of ambassador at large.

She roams the house, ensuring everything is in some kind of order.

She is a very busy cat and may be seen at any time of day rushing past on her way to the next perceived emergency.

“If you are so hung up on titles…

…you may call me Chief Mouser.”

In 2019 we lost old Tom. In 2020 it was Colin.

As always, each loss changed the dynamic.

Patches decided to expand her horizons, moving into window seats and away from poor Sophia who remains so very timid.

We were pleased for Patches.

But now Sophia had no cuddle-buddy.

Lily may have no political aspirations but she is very deep.

She is a mind-reader and occasional shape-shifter.

And she is a very thoughtful cat.

She took aboard Sophia’s situation and considered it at length.

“What’s to be done?”


“There’s nothing for it,” she said

“I’ll have to take this on myself.”

Lily is still as busy as ever, but when she isn’t actively engaged in her myriad duties, she’s likely nose to nose with her new friend.

Lily has never been a cuddler but it’s as if she has taken on responsibility for Sophia’s welfare.

Sophia watches, as Lily dashes here and there and they have clearly established a bond.

Sophia even shows signs of emerging from her long withdrawal.

For two years, more or less, Sophia was barely seen if not with Patches and after that she kept to herself.

But in recent months, she has ventured out.

Grant makes a point of giving her quality time.

Sophia is less sure of me, but I now see her watching , as in this photograph and when I take her food, she will often let me pet her head. It’s progress.

And this morning a very large step forward.

Tinkerbelle’s role was never in doubt.

She is our BAD cat. And she’s proud of it.

“I beat them all up!”

The other 9 tolerate Tinks to a point but when it goes too far they turn around and smack her one. Except Sophia, the favourite target.

But this morning…Sophia let her have it and chased her off!

“Yay Sophia”, we cried!

Meanwhile the quartermaster, Dee Dee, was taking inventory in the kitchen cupboards.

“It’s a hard job, but I’m going in!”

She takes it very seriously.

“You’ve got 11 teabags, 9 Weetabix and 11 Shredded.”

“No, no, Dee Dee. That can’t be right.”

“You’ll have to do a re-count.”

“Oh no!” she said…

We are still waiting for the result.

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  1. I love how Lily took on the ‘duty’ to be a friend for Sophia. The way you describe them, make me realise how intelligent cats really are. Enjoyed this post – it’s like a short story about cats in THEIR house (with humans as their servants 😀).

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