What a bore

10th November 2022

Now that the full glory of Fall is past, we have arrived at another stage, according to the Carolyn Smith very unofficial Fall guide…

Colour is still important but it is now more subtle.

What I look for now is light, shapes and textures,

But there is still more colour than you might imagine.

We are blessed to have many Willow trees. So beautiful.

Wonderful in all seasons.

The advantage of shorter days is that I can view their arrival without having to tear myself from bed at ungodly hours.

Each hour of each day paints a different picture for me.

With the leaves gone, I made a discovery.

The marijuana field is not covered.

There are buildings out there! Why had I not noticed them for four years?

What I’ve decided is not that I am unobservant, but that these buildings recently acquired new roofs.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This day, November 12th, light caught the ghost trees.

By no means do these trees always look this way.

It’s a matter of looking out the right window at the right moment and then getting oneself with camera out the door before it changes.

Sometimes, it’s the tree in the foreground that is lit, rather than the “ghost trees” beyond.

Sometimes the light falls on the hill.

And sometimes light falls on nothing in particular

Retreating light. I liked how the camera picked up the car and the peaks of the house. (right)

Then, the setting sun caught the distant hill briefly.

Sometimes another light source wishes to be acknowledged:

14th November

Saturday was spotlight day.

What a very boring set of pictures.

But they are all different.

Why is it that I get so excited by light?

After so very many years of taking it for granted?

Better late than never.

Might as well throw one more in.

0747/14th November

My attention was then drawn to the patio where an old friend had turned up. Not seen since June 22nd.

The ears now have white tufts.

It always pleases me to see animals that have been gone awhile. Clearly, squirrels get around.

That one shared some nuts with a few other reprobates:

These were my views through yesterday. Tomorrow, while I prepare for the re-scheduled Zoom appointment, I will endeavor to post some of today’s.

With snow in the forecast, tomorrow’s views could be very different but in any case, they are never the same twice.

8 thoughts on “What a bore

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the beautiful pictures! Your understanding of the importance of light comes from your artistic eye for composition and seeing things that others miss.


  2. You have a very long fall season … or maybe it’s just there by you 😉. Yes, the same landscape can change in a wink of the eye – I love how you show photos of the same landscape, but each one differs! That’s the beauty of Nature!

  3. I love the photo of the ghost trees with the stone fence in front. I always wonder about the story behind those fences………..who placed the stones and how many years ago were they put there?

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