0915/15th October 2022

Most days now start with mist, often quite dense and so it was on Saturday, but as it cleared we debated taking another drive on a weekend.

Everywhere else I have lived, I avoided driving on weekends or in rush hour.

Here, we decided, this would not be a problem.

We paused just long enough at the pond to wave hello to the geese. They like to be acknowledged.

Then we set off in the general direction of Carter’s Pond which we had come upon in the Spring.

We hadn’t gone far when we saw wild turkeys picking at corn in a recently harvested field.

Across the road some beautiful horses.

My day is not complete without animal sightings.

It may seem that I am belabouring the subject, but each of these drives was different.

While I cannot expect everyone to be as enthralled as I am, I hope I can communicate a little of how it feels to witness such a stunning natural phenomenon.

Believe it or not, it usually takes a lot to get me excited.

Riding in a car, twisting every which way with my lens, I gave myself a good work-out and sore muscles.

It was the best exercise I can remember.

And the most worthwhile.


A narrow road took us through an avenue of trees.

Sun rays filtered through to a thick bed of golden leaves.


Suddenly we were crossing the Battenkill River in East Greenwich and having to contend with traffic!

But we sound found Carter’s Pond.

After viewing the pond we enjoyed the woods.

So silent and still.

Crunching through the leaves, we startled a garter snake.

Then we began to meander home.

We waved at the cats as we sailed past.

Their lunch was late but we had to go to the Post Office.

Five minutes later we were back.

When the cats think they are missing a meal, they are more grateful and eat with enthusiasm.

This was Saturday…Sunday will be more of the same only different!

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  1. It’s truly amazing – some of these photos looks like they’ve been painted by an artist (well, I suppose Nature was the artist). Of course I had to go back to have another look at the reflections in Carter’s Pond – stunning!

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