No end in sight

0658/17th October 2022

Soon it will be too dark for me to do my morning rounds before breakfast, but I do enjoy seeing sunrise in its infinite variations.

An old friend has come back to visit.

Dee Dee and Lily watched with disgust as His Nibbs ate their kibble.

He comes for a snack and then slopes off, calling “Bye!”

“I feel used!” said Grant.

He sat at the end of the driveway, as if waiting for a bus.

Then decided to walk.

Today being Monday, I was going to write about Saturday but a few more of Friday’s images wanted to be shown.

This is the only way I like yellow!

It was curious how one very low cloud hung over us.

Spotlight on the distant hills

In the foreground, a forest of little naked trees.

The plan was to get to Saturday…

…but Friday seems inexhaustible.

All these pictures demand their turn.

6 thoughts on “No end in sight

  1. Oh yes, I can see why you’re still hanging around with Friday’s photos – they’re lovely! I was just thinking now … your colourful autumn trees reminded me of our colourful wild spring flowers (especially when looking out to the hills). As pretty as a picture – can one say that?

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