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0705/13th October 2022

It’s that awkward time of year where the weather can’t make up its mind.

When I came in from my “rounds” this morning, I thought I should have to fetch back out a t-shirt, but before I got around to it, I was closing windows against a chill wind.

Which was rather a shame, as I had been enjoying the chatter of sparrows nattering in the bushes.

Ladybirds (or Asian Lady beetles) have arrived.

I read that in England you have blue ladybirds?

It’s important to offer them water, I believe. So we do.

Last night I managed a quick shot of a Titmouse, helping itself to a nut.

It is a lovely bird but it seldom stays long enough for me to focus my lens.

They spend summer elsewhere and we are pleased to have them back.

Cooper, on the other hand has taken to hanging out in the tree we call the “waiting room”.

“Coop” was showing off the other day, preening after a tasty breakfast, presumably.

The Blue-jays have decided there is safety in numbers

and they always announce Cooper’s arrival raucously.

A Little Red hesitated before venturing out:

“Is it safe?”

The original Little Red has a distinctive tail and I was relieved to see her still safe later on.

This morning I deposited Red’s breakfast over by the log pile, though today Coop was a no-show.

Stillwater, established in 1791.

When the river looks like this, you can see how the place got its name.

Patches of mist were rising as we crossed over.

We came upon a slight delay.

Road work seems to involve a lot of standing around.

If your bridge becomes unsightly, you camouflage it.

And hope no-one looks too closely.

When a new internet provider moves in, up goes another pole and wires. How do they figure out which is what?

Many of the old wires sag. Ice storms bring it all down and the fix-it chaps have a miserable time.

Ubiquitous red sumac.

The dark red pods will remain after the leaves fall.

When we headed back, the mist had cleared.

Not pressed for time, we take dirt roads

…at least until snow arrives.

Today’s wind will have brought down a lot of leaves.

Where do they all go?

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  1. The Blue-jays are such pretty birds. Haha 😄, I had a good laugh when you said that ‘roadworks’ means standing around … I see that all too often here in SA! You have taken so many lovely photos on this road trip – thanks for sharing them!

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