Stage lighting

0705/12th October 2022

Photographs from two days ago which was very much lovelier than this morning!

Yesterday’s indifferent day ended with a whimper.

Suddenly the days are so short!

Today the car had an early appointment to get sorted out, so we rose in darkness and I remembered all the years when I voluntarily got up each day at 0330 for work.

But I was only middle-aged then!

Grant drove off around 7:15 and I attempted to capture pictures of the aggressively angry sky.

Very low, dark cloud appeared to boil, yet behind it the Sun was strong enough to get in my lens and defeat my photographic attempts.

It was as if the morning was in a bad mood and didn’t want to be photographed.

The apparent blue sky here was in fact deeply grey.

So I swung in the opposite direction and saw…

“Got any more nuts, missus?”

Ghost and Zoomer were making short work of breakfast.

In the gloomy light, the foliage seemed to glow, while taller trees have been denuded by the wind.

It had begun to spit with rain again, but I decided it was time to cut down most of the remaining flowers and finally I took down the butterfly chrysalis that didn’t make it. I laid it beneath some leaves with the tiny pink zinnia.

Such foolish, sentimental things I do.


By ten thirty, Grant was back.

The car’s steering wheel is more or less straight.

But now the ignition light is flashing. The dealer has no idea why, but they think it’s OK to drive!


By then the sky had brightened, so I went to take another look outside.

Such a difference a little sunlight makes.

Little being the operative word.

Sort of like stage lighting. Quite effective.

Every five minutes something else lit up and I’d go back out again.

The Stage Director works me hard, but I don’t mind.

5 thoughts on “Stage lighting

  1. Those small irritations with your car would drive me mad. I would have to discover why the ignition light was flashing, as that would be a serious distraction for me as I was driving along. And if a steering wheel is not completely level, it never feels right.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I see there are already trees without leaves – this was one spectacular fall you had Carolyn! You say 3:30 in the morning … I can now understand why you never sleep late!

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