0945/11th October 2022

Heading off into the lingering mist yesterday,

we soon caught up to a putt-putt. This one from Florida.

We don’t that often see out-of-state license plates now.

Quite possibly because no-one can afford to drive long distances anymore.

Considering the price of propane, I perhaps do not look forward to Winter with quite the enthusiasm of previous years.

Staying warm is turning into a luxury.

Perhaps we’ll need to do as my father did, back in London in the 1950’s.

He sat in the living room wearing his hat and coat.

And perhaps this winter the other half of this old barn may fall down.

Just one of hundreds.

Nothing gets disposed of here. It all just sits and rots.

Something wears out, you just get another.

Surely parts could be salvaged?

Our un-economic, so-called transfer station was sold to a private concern which cannot find staff to run it.

From all reports it’s rather a disaster.

Approaching Greenwich, we broke out of the mist.

For once I had the camera ready, rounding the curve to one of my favourite views on this road.

Recently a fellow blogger introduced me to a great app:


see below:

I dumped the Florida putt-putt!

Beyond Greenwich, we were back into thick mist

…then back out again…

There’s nothing like lurking mist for atmosphere. I can’t decide which picture I prefer.

Perhaps I have strange taste in images?

….one extreme…

…to another.

Colours and textures rush by so fast

To be young and fit and have a bicycle!

Though the seasons would change before I got to where I was going

Along River Road, I got glimpses of the Hudson.

While it was tempting to yell “Stop!”, I rather liked the naturally framed reflections, caught on the fly.


Since obtaining my specially crafted eye glasses, my vision has improved…98%. Editing photographs is tending to overwhelm my eyes so that after a while I am no longer sure what is in focus.

It may be that a further correction can be made.

But if not, 98% is more than acceptable!

In case you were wondering…..I am abandoning you for now, only halfway to destination….

7 thoughts on “Halfway

  1. We still haven’t put the heating on yet, but got close to firing it up last night. I sat and watched a film under a fleece throw instead.
    If someone buys a car in Florida then moves to New England, can they not keep the same licence plates? Over here, a car retains the original registration number wherever it ends up later.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes, you can keep the license plate but I’m not sure what happens when you have to have the inspection. My car could not be inspected in Vermont. I just found it easier when I moved out to Washington to re-register but many of my colleagues who had moved kept their Texas plates.

  2. Wow … that tree in your first photo! That just shouts out that fall is in full swing! What a lovely drive – I enjoyed going with you (and I’m happy it’s not yet over). And yeah for 98% better vision!!

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