Show off

1820/10th October 2022

Maybe geese are finding life as confusing as everyone else these days.

They swoop in, morning and evening, first in one direction, then another, often making course changes as we watch.

And there is always one poor tail-end Charlie who gets left behind.

As the geese flew round making up their minds where to settle, ground mist began to rise.

Until late afternoon, Monday positively sulked. Then at 5 pm the room was suffused with a soft, cheering light so I went to the porch. Opening the door, I said :”Oh MY!”

Never have I ever seen a more perfect rainbow. And double.

If you are a follower of Jon Katz, his photograph is better and includes his sheep Robin!

For many minutes I watched as the light shifted.

Have you ever wondered what a rainbow looked like to people viewing it from the other side?

Mr Katz’s photograph answered the question for me.

(His site is Bedlam

What I would really like to know though, is whether the owner of that house was aware of the light show!

Even the crows were impressed.

The rainbow subsided after some 15 minutes, but it was not done showing off.

A Red-tail hawk joined the celebration

A final curtain call before the mist began to rise and some deer came to graze.

9 thoughts on “Show off

  1. A couple of years back, during hard times, God taught me about Hope, through a massive rainbow. Ever since then, whenever I see one, it quietens storms within my heart and I remember once more to hold on to hope.

    Today, wow, God’s reminder is here in a huge way and I thank you for that.

  2. The rainbow pictures are magnificent! I have seen many in my lifetime, but I think this is the first time I have ever seen where the actual end of one was! I hope someone found that pot of gold there. Jon’s picture was beautiful, but yours was better!

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