Strange ideas

0651/4th October 2022

Still in the “loaner”car, we went out early yesterday for a gentle meander around the countryside.

When we first moved here, we had the strange notion that we needed to go in search of Fall foliage spectacles, taking ourselves into Vermont and further north.

A very strange idea…

It had been a stressful time and as we arrived at the end of September, we had not had time to look around.

If my brain had been functioning, I would have realized it was all right here!

As we headed off yesterday, some deer crossed the lane…you can just see one if you squint!

It had been a few days since I was “out” and I couldn’t believe how different everything looked within the space of such a short time.

As I clicked away happily, Grant cautioned me not to get carried away too soon!

“We’ve only just started out!”

He had a point, I suppose, given the number of images I ended up with….

Sometimes, scenery suggests stories to me.

The uncut corn here seemed to be standing firm against the thresher, like a Roman army confronting a charging enemy.

Maybe I’ve been reading too many of those books.

Here, it is not so much the leaves as the patterns in the harvested fields I enjoyed.

What does it mean to be drawn to wavy lines?

Or straight, parallel ones?

No idea. I just like them.

Not a glorious day, but nice enough.

We soon found a country road.

Heading toward the Green Hills of Vermont.

Hay bales. Grant knows, now to slow down for me!

We had not set a time limit or a destination.

Periodically, we came to a fork in the road

but there was no wrong choice to make

The sky being a bit grey didn’t matter at all

There is a unique loveliness to New England in Fall

Often I want to call it my favourite season.

It’s just so stunning

But when Winter comes I shall be in love with it

These great avenues will open up,

…the trees standing proud in their nakedness.

Naked trees have a beauty all their own.

I’ll leave you for now with that thought and an imperfect picture of a lovely creature that we discovered living just down the road.

She’s unusual in these parts. We spotted her months ago while out enjoying another season and yesterday, quite by chance, we found ourselves once more driving past.

I was always terrified of cattle but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

10 thoughts on “Strange ideas

  1. Very beautiful. Sometimes grey skies are better for photos. A neutral backdrop for colour.

  2. We don’t have the autumn colours here yet, and the way the wind is blowing lately, the leaves will be off the trees before we do.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I am planning a trip East. I’m not sure I’ll get there in time to check out the foliage. Activities here such as the Antiquarian Book Fair are holding me back.

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