Modern times

4th October 2022

When Grant gets behind a “putt-putt” driver, if it has a dog onboard, he makes allowances!

Grant has a built-in dog detector and announces each one as it comes into view.

More than once, we have picked up dogs that appeared to be out on their own and made sure they got home.

Usually large dogs that slobbered. But who cares.

We are happy to be slobbered over.

It always amazes me how much colour is to be found among ordinary weeds, as in this assortment!

How glorious the white-barked trees look in their golden finery. Above us, contrails made naughts and crosses.

A large proportion of barns here are red.

As we drove along, the wind got up sending down showers of leaves.

Often the light makes sharp contrasts

It seemed as if we were in a maze of gold

Would we ever emerge?

Not a putt-putt in sight. Marvelous!


If there’s one thing worse than putt-putt drivers, it’s the school bus. You don’t ever want to be behind a school bus at the wrong time of day.

Every 50 feet it stops to pick up/drop off. God forbid they should have to walk any distance. And no-one teaches kids these days about consideration for others.

These little horrors drag their feet and take their sweet time while we all wait. I always want to go box their ears and tell them: “Hurry the hell Up!”

But then I’d be arrested.

Today a trip to Vermont, to collect my car!

Halfway home, Grant announced:

“The steering wheel’s not straight.”

The other slight problem is that the car’s state inspection expired at the end of August and not knowing when we would get it back, we could not make arrangements.

Now we have to wait a week for that to happen, hoping that if we have to sneak out, no over-zealous policeman will apprehend us.

It’s been a confusion of communications lately, not at all helped by the fact that I have a new phone which has been sending all “unknowns” to a silent message recorder. I chose this option because I am tired of the phone ringing all day with Spam callers.

So now, I am not getting calls I need, either.

This modern age.


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  1. The colourful trees … that’s amazing! It’s probably my imagination, but it seems just so much brighter and more beautiful than last year. But alas, one tends to forget quickly! Great news about receiving your car … at last!

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