What time is it?

3rd October 2022

Willow has no expectations of becoming an “only” cat but she is very snooty about sharing her space with her housemates.

She seems to like being around me but only under her special terms. She requires personal space.

It was to accommodate this that I moved my bed into the room where I have my computer and after some months, Willow slept with me for a short period.

This ended promptly when Patches began to claim my attention. Willow began spending most of the night on mouse watch.

Lately, though, she has seemed to want to be near me during the day and most of the spaces being occupied, she had to accept a time-share with Patches who vacates her tree at dawn.

Last Saturday, a basket that Willow used to favour got moved a fraction and what do you know….

Now she has re-discovered it and sits beside my feet.

Presumably Lucy has not noticed,or maybe she no longer feels the need to repossess everything that Willow lays claim to. Why should she?

These cats have a tough life. Here’s Toby is another of Willow’s previous spots.

And Patches in her new favourite cubby.

Lily can sleep anywhere. Though I never can work out how she breathes!

When Tinkerbelle settles down she looks such a sweet little creature.

Sometimes she lets me tickle her head for a moment.

Then she remembers her grudge against all human women and takes a swipe at me.

Poor Tinks. I think a female person in her past caused her a painful injury, but we aren’t sure.

She gets the benefit of the doubt.

Yesterday I was taking pictures with my telephone.

Two indeterminate bugs were hanging onto my tiny zinnia. When I looked at the upload I wondered if I had captured a third very tiny tortoise-like bug. I should have gone back outside to check but it was dark by then.


Fall is really setting in

The few flowers I have left seem determined to assert themselves, standing proud and displaying particularly brilliant colours.

Every day they seem brighter and I take a bit of extra time to enjoy them as I know once a frost comes they will be gone.

Our night-time temperatures flirt with freezing but we haven’t quite got there yet.

In Winter the sky takes on a pale yellow hue. There is just a hint now, in the evening:

Except when it turns pink:

Dawn is much later now, 0721 this morning. Our clocks go back next month.

At least I think so.

There doesn’t seem to be anything but confusion gained by moving time zones back and forth.

In my aviation days these time changes were periods of great anxiety as all our schedules went haywire.

But getting the practice abolished will need an act of Congress and in the scheme of things, it seems not very important.

8 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. Cats are so quirky and unpredictable. I think that’s one of the reasons we love them. My cat is with foster carers while I’m in hospital and it’s surprising how well she has adapted.

  2. The clocks go back here on the 30th of October. I have always hated the time changes, and wish they would do away with them. But that seems to be unlikely to happen in my remaining lifetime.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Lovely photos of the cats – the one looks as sweet as the other (yes I know, looks can be deceiving) 😊. Fall is such a beautiful season there by you.
    Since we are now living at the southeast coast, we will see sunrise much earlier than we’re used to. At the moment it’s around 5:40, but residents told us that during December months it’s even before 5:00 in the morning … nobody’s going to sleep late in this house! And fortunately … no clocks going back and forth here in South Africa (I think we have enough other “stuff” to deal with)!

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