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0710/18th September 2022


So many mouths to feed!

“There’s another plan scuppered”, I said coming in from the garden.

After breakfast, Blackie had installed herself for the duration on the big pillow which these days is on my bed because that’s where certain cats prefer it.

“So, I’ll change my sheets tomorrow..”

“The only plan around here is no plan” said Grant.

Quite. But I have the luxury of being able to say:

“Who cares?”

His plan continues uninterrupted and now we can see the horse paddock across the road…

…and the changing colours all around.

It looks as if we will have quite a bonfire for Guy Fawkes!

A groundhog hole is undisturbed by Grant’s activities.

Late yesterday the middle field got plowed, changing the vista once again.

It is so interesting to view the many differences, though I can’t say quite why I find them all so pleasing.

The lines left by the plow strike me as artistic.

And there is something almost sensuous in the lines of the hills and the pattern in the lower corn field.

There is a smoothness to it that appeals to me.

Or maybe I am just “losing it”.

As Grant says “who makes the rules?”

Life is so much nicer when you have no-one else to please.

As we were getting breakfast, Grant groaned:

“Oh no. Lily’s got a mouse.”

“Does it need to be rescued, or is it dead?”

“It’s dead.”

No-one wants to eat breakfast with that sort of entertainment, so I ruined Lily’s fun and took the victim outside for the crows.

Which is how I came to notice the Roses of Sharon.

This particular plant had looked decidedly inactive compared to the plants on either side that were flourishing, in spite of being cropped by deer.

Recently, though:

“Hello! I’m still alive!”

I like to think it responded to verbal encouragement.

Although Monarch butterflies are still visiting the butterfly bush, the milkweed where they lay their eggs is over for this year, the seed pods bursting and the leaves wilted or fallen.

So I think these are the butterflies that will be making their way south, along with the hummingbirds.

Such delicate and vulnerable creatures. They face so many obstacles. May they have safe passage.

Bedraggled seed pods, the day of the recent storm.

They soon dried out…

…to create more pretty pictures. If you like that sort of thing.

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      1. What you need to use around the garage, the car and the house is a rodent repellent, natural one, a mixture of lavender, peppermint and citronella oils. It will keep mice away but it is pleasant to humans.


  1. You do have lovely views from your property. I have to walk (not far) to see views. All I can see from the house are the roofs of other houses nearby.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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