Tiger, tiger

0633/9th September 2022

“Anything for the Post Office?”


2 minutes later I saw the loaner car sitting wrong way round in the driveway and Grant inspecting the wheels.

“What now?” I asked as he toddled back in.

“Hole in a tire!”

Fortunately a small, easily fixable hole.

Of my own car? Still no word…

Small, easy fixes often turn into a major drama around here, so I waited to see how long he would be gone.

Amazingly he was back quite soon and grinning from ear to ear: “Got something for you!”

Let me see if I can paint a picture…

The reason my phone is cracked and falling apart is because it constantly crashes to the ground. I had only had it a week when it launched itself from my hand onto the garage floor and it’s been downhill ever since.

His phone, of same vintage, is still pristine.

Of course.

So he made me a phone pouch to hang around my neck:

Neatly made, like all his handicrafts, and a great idea.

I haven’t mentioned that the latest crack occurred when my phone fell out while I was filling seed trays.

This morning, Grant obtained for me an eye-patch which will save me having to keep one closed during this interim period of making-do with my old glasses. The patch is on an elastic band.

Because I can’t wear my old glasses for distance, I had been hooking them into the phone pouch.

So I was additionally presented with a lanyard for my glasses, to hang around my neck instead of into the pouch. Why not hang Christmas ornaments as well?

I was beginning to feel like Isadora Duncan who was throttled by her own head-scarf.


The above was Toby’s opinion.

One tries to be appreciative and I am very grateful for the many ways my companion tries to simplify my life.

When I was very much younger, I vainly tried doing the same thing for various aging relatives and I know the frustration of not succeeding.

So far, I have shed the lanyard and the eye-patch.

To show willing, I’ll try the latter when I go outside…

How many moon pictures can one need?

Last night I was captivated by the soft lavender clouds.

As usual, I’ve got this morning’s photographs posted before last night’s. It makes no difference but I thought I’d mention it in case you were trying to keep track.

This is pretty much how I’ve gone through life. Backwards, sideways, then…no straight lines for me.

Once, when I was still able, I was driving home from the store, with Grant beside me. As we passed a gas station, I remembered that I meant to top-up. Next thing, we were parked at a pump, Grant looking a bit stunned.

Long, ago, I was asked to drive a Concorde captain somewhere. He seemed a bit apprehensive, though whether about my driving or because he was afraid I’d try to have my way with him, I’m not entirely sure. Of course I would never have done such a thing.

Tomorrow, I’ll maybe post the photographs I took yesterday, but in the meantime another sign of Fall showed up on the porch.

One of the names I often called Yeti was “Woolly Bear”, because she was pretty woolly and sort of bear-like.

These caterpillars may be woolly but I never saw a bear that shape. Still, up close it’s quite cute.

Hard to cuddle unless you’re very small.

It was moving at quite a clip. I liked its rakish feather.

It is said that when woolly bears are more black than red, it foretells a cold Winter. So far, this is the only one I’ve seen. These caterpillars over-winter in this form, literally freezing solid. They survive by producing a cryoprotectant in their tissues. Then, in Spring: Tiger moths.

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  1. Wow … the moon photos … stunning! Our neighbour also used to drop his phone all the time … then he got a super cover that is really protective (it’s very bulky, but he dropped his phone now several times and no damage to the phone) … just a thought. So, you are looking at a cold-cold winter according to the woolly bear – yikes, I can’t wait for summer (but I presume you’ll be happy).

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