Free of charge

0720/8th September 2022

These days, our mornings tend to be very misty and when I rise early enough, I enjoy catching the overnight artistry of our 8-legged friends.

Though it makes me shiver rather, when I consider just how many of them there must be, judging by the expanse of their work.

Perhaps I need to watch some more of those slow-motion YouTube videos, because I still can’t get my head around how they achieve such perfection.

If a creature so small can produce something so amazing, what went wrong in the brains of humans?

Well sure, our kind creates all manner of incredible “stuff”, but none of it natural , and not unassisted in any way.

Lately, I’ve been trying to imagine life inside a different body, a non-human body.

When I roam the garden, I try to avoid webs, so carefully woven and I try to be quiet.

Can you imagine how loud the world must seem? Maybe they don’t hear as we do, but they must detect vibration.

What must a spider think, when it finds it’s work torn to shreds by some hulking oaf?

Does a spider actually think?

If a cat can think “Lunch!” and act upon it, maybe a spider thinks “Shit! bloody humans!”

Can you imagine doing all this work just in the hope of catching a couple of dopey flies for breakfast?

Or maybe they don’t do it, just to catch a meal….

Maybe it’s compulsive. To decorate…

…to create…

Nature, of course, edits those decorations.

Sometimes dew, sometimes frost, depending on her whimsy that particular day.

So, is Nature our critic? Our teacher?

Our God?

These are just a few of the images I caught, on a single morning, within footsteps of my front door.

So much awe.

Free to whoever chooses to look.

…and to see.

7 thoughts on “Free of charge

  1. Superb pictures. Your task for tomorrow is to measure how many miles of thread they have woven. They really are magnificent structures. Are they taught by Grannie or do they have an inbuilt knowledge? So many questions!

  2. These webs are amazing Carolyn 😍 Thanks for sharing all of them.

    “If a creature so small can produce something so amazing, what went wrong in the brains of humans?” – good point. Can you look in the same way at humans? What went right? 😉

    I believe you’re perfect at something too. If not else, taking care of so many cats and make them happy day after day… and for yourself, despite everything. And sharing your life with a complete stranger (on the other side of the world) and make me feel some great emotions while browsing your blog. If this ain’t perfection too, I don’t know what is.

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