1347/4th September 2022

Should I be asked what is the best time to visit my part of the world, I would probably say September.

The days are still warm, the nights are mainly cool and the scenery alters by the day.

Officially, here, today (Labor Day) marks the end of Summer. It’s an American holiday, so I have spelled it their way!

Public holidays have long since been of any interest to me except that occasionally I have to put the trash bins out a day later, or remember that the Post Office is closed.

Even when I worked I scarcely noticed holidays, as my work week consisted of 5 days on and 2 off without exception. Shift work was a great bonus to me because I could get things done on my days off when most people were at work.

Better yet, I could get things done after work, leaving my days off free of tedious chores. My favourite shift was 0500-1300, with Thursdays and Fridays off.

In addition, I wore a uniform so I never had to worry about what to wear. I only had to make sure my body always fitted inside said uniform!

Wearing a uniform meant far fewer clothes, so I could afford to buy a few nicer items and they kept longer.

In retirement I adopted a new uniform. Jeans and sweatshirts in Winter, jeans and t-shirt in Summer!


Yesterday’s promised thunderstorms did not materialize, but after a surprisingly warm day (85F), the temperature suddenly dropped around 5 PM, as the front arrived bringing light rain.

The most notable change of seasons at the moment is the sudden need to switch on the kitchen light when we get supper and the fact that I now sometimes have a chance to see the dawn.

Patches often serves as an alarm clock these day. Her loud purring woke me this morning.

She was curled snugly in the crook of my arm and I turned my head to see her sweet face gazing at me.

Patches is an unusual cat in that she seems totally innocent, totally without guile. If one of the others takes a swipe at her, she doesn’t even hiss.

Equally, she doesn’t acknowledge “seniority rights” or “property rights”. If she wants to cuddle, she simply arrives in your lap and looks astonished if one of the others attempts to hold their ground.

Grant and I are the ones who often get the benefit of extended claws!

Wherever I look, there seems to be competition:

Hummingbird aborts landing.

Second attempt…

“Well, perhaps not!”

Finally, humming bird put down, thinking that the coast was clear…..

“Listen mate, we’re going to share, OK?”

“Yeah. Whatever!”

They will be leaving us very soon, these tiny birds:

We never know exactly when they will leave. One day we’ll just observe that we haven’t seen them at the feeders for a few days.

Not that we would give them a going-away party, or wave till they recede in the distance (about 10 seconds after take-off).

It’s probably better, not knowing.

I am rubbish at good-byes.

4 thoughts on “Good-byes

  1. Magnificent hummingbirds and bees photographs!
    I agree with you about uniforms, they make life much simpler.
    Good-byes are difficult indeed. I like “au revoir”, with the literal translation to see again, which, with hummingbirds, I think we will.

  2. Haha 😄 … I had a good laugh now about “just making sure my body fits into my uniform”! That was also my “problem” for 11 years – fortunately we got new uniforms every 15 months ☺️. Hmm, I hate good-byes too … but lets end on a positive note – ❤️ your hummingbird photos!

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