Getting through

0620/30th August 2022

By 0830 the broken tooth was repaired with a minimum of fuss. Even benign dentist visits cannot truly be classed as “fun”, but with a clear vision in sight of where I am headed, I can endure most things.

Going around in circles with text messages and infuriating recorded messages, followed by tunes of torture…I have zero tolerance!

So yesterday, I refused to repeat the circuit, merely sending a strongly worded email to the ‘man in Texas.’

Late yesterday evening, surprise! A revised appraisal! Perhaps the end is in sight. Although I may have to wait a bit longer, quote:

“Don’t worry….

“We will send payment for the additional damage directly to the repair shop. The shop should receive the check within 5-7 business days.”

Which will make it one month since the car went in.

The fact that the registration expires tomorrow? I no longer care. I’ve done all I could, officer.


The little goldfinches are back, after spending summer down by the pond where they flit back and forth across the road. They always remind me of canaries that people kept in cages when I was a kid.

How much nicer to see them free. The canaries I saw would have been bred in captivity, but they must surely have had the instinct to fly.

Maybe that is what their sweet song was about.

Woodpeckers have also been scarce lately, though I did see this one last night. It’s a change not to have to refill the suet feeder every day!

The Tufted Titmouse is also back, though very hard to pin down for a photograph. This one is from 2019!

The Titmouse is my particular favourite. It has such a pert little face and delicate colouring. And a pretty song.

Pictures from December 2020

Hopefully I’ll get some new pictures this year!

The Nuthatch is another camera-shy bird.

Though not too shy to come to my feeder. We must be sure to get the right sort of seed. No more of that rubbish Grant came home with last week!

The White-breasted, above, re-appeared recently but the smaller, Red-breasted is more rare or more shy?

Also a favourite. I think really, it’s more a matter of how far up the list they are, since I love them all.


“We’re sure glad you got this sorted out!”

“We were down to scavenging the driveway!”

(The dove would never complain. She’s about #3)


On the way out this morning, I got other pictures:

Who cares if they are weeds? (above)

Zinnias have been a real hit, hardy, pretty little flowers.

Outside the dentist’s office, a plant that I remember from Barbados: Allamanda (Golden trumpet)

Though I prefer it without windmill.

It will be taken indoors when it gets cold, but it is not suited to the Frozen North.

We noted that any day now, we will have to start our Fall leaf drives.

and this reminded me that I never posted these pictures, captured 15th August, as we drove along a back road:

A whole family of Wild turkeys. We have missed their visits this summer.


….and speaking of text messages….

Hi! It’s Cliff-Spectrum Financial! I just left you a quick follow up voicemail. Did you still want to look at our business loan options?”

No, Cliff!..I never did because I’m not a business and I never heard of you. And if you left a voicemail, it sure wasn’t on my phone…

These messages arrive every day from all over the USA. Is it a ploy? Are people incapable of pressing the right buttons when they make calls? I block them but others find me….

This is why people I actually know sometimes have a hard time getting through!

7 thoughts on “Getting through

  1. I have never seen a Titmouse, and I like his tuft! Your woodpeckers are different to the common ones here. Glad to hear the dental issue was sorted easily.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Already a month that the car went in … wow, this is taking a very long time! Do you have to pay for the rental car? Great pictures of the colourful zinnias and all the different birds – from your posts, I am learning their names … thanks ๐Ÿ˜„.

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