Summer friends

0718/31st August 2022

Some days are just more “picturesque” than others, by which I mean that I keep finding images to capture.

Although I had not been able to see them, I had heard geese and when I blew up the picture above, that’s what those black dots turned out to be. (Can you see them?)


Heavy rain was predicted yesterday.

So I went to check the sky. Two more black dots

“Yo! Storm coming! ‘Bye!”

Storms are so grand!

…bubble, bubble….

The prediction was accurate almost to the minute.

And for a short time it was a virtual waterfall.

But no wild winds or crashes of thunder.

As soon as it let up, I went to check on the chrysalis. After dark we had another downpour, but as fragile and vulnerable as chrysalises may appear, they are resilient.

Milkweed sap is extremely sticky. Processed through the internal workings of a caterpillar, it becomes a very effective adhesive! Is this why the Monarch’s seek out milkweed?

It’s a week since I started monitoring the chrysalis. It is so exposed and I had seen wasps hovering around it. Then I noticed black streaks and became concerned.

Grant said he thought it was the wings forming.

Now that’s I’ve realized what day we’re on…he’s right!

Fingers crossed….

At dawn today, the storm still lingered and I saw an unusual shadow all across the sky.

It must just have been a thick bank of cloud, low on the horizon, blocking the Sun.

Though it seemed almost ominous.

But Sun always finds its way through.

These days I am often guessing what my lens may capture.

The lines on the hill and the waves in the corn field.

Before long, it will all be white and I won’t have to guess!

Though shadows can be challenging.


Just kidding about the white stuff. Though I don’t like Summer, I do love my Summer friends.

After checking on the chrysalis, yesterday, I went to the kitchen window and saw a slightly wet Mrs Groundhog sucking on a bit of carrot.

Though often it looks as if she’s singing to it…

“Euh. Hit a bit of a wrong note there.”

“All gone, missus. Now what?”

“I should take up knitting, you say?”


She didn’t fancy knitting woolen socks, and she soon found another carrot.

She was very involved with it, and didn’t know she was being observed.

“You ‘fink she’ll give me a bit?”

“I wouldn’t count on it, no!”

“Who are you talking to?”

While she was communing with her carrot, the competition sneaked in…

…and this was as far as it got.

It was back down the slope and running for it’s life.

Groundhogs aren’t much into sharing.

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  1. I can definitely see the geese (though, if you didn’t mentioned they were geese, I would just identify them as birds) 😉. The groundhog sitting there with her hands together, is such a sweet picture!

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