The New Forest

0645/29th August 2022

OK, so it’s not the New Forest!

But it’s the start of a few new trees which is always a good thing, especially here where trees suffer so much damage from weather and invasive species.

Now that all the bad stuff has been cleared away, those little trees will be able to grow properly and there will be a meadow full of wildflowers to look forward to.

There is still plenty of brush for the creatures who need that. We do try to keep everyone happy.

“Well, not to be rude missus, but this seed is shite!”

Indeed it is. Please forgive us!

The groundhog’s back was turned:

“You laughed at my fat tummy!”

In spite of the warm weather, it got cool enough last night to freshen the garden and I was up early enough to catch these moon flowers before they closed.

As I wandered up the hill with carrots for Wobbles, I noticed the dawn light touching the many surfaces in the kitchen.

The window sign is to prevent bird strikes! It used to be on the door of my foster-suite.

Usually, I don’t have flowers in the house. I like to see them in the garden and cats tend to treat them as play- things.

However, when I see a flower that has somehow got its stalk broken, I can’t bear to leave it to wilt.

Willow loves to sit in the kitchen window and she was very interested in the 2 zinnias.

Unlike certain other cats who shall remain nameless, Willow took a detour to get to the other side.

What was going on in her mind?

Two minutes later, the nameless one came barging by knocking my two flowers out of the glass.

“Where’s our damn breakfast?”

The abuse we put up with.

“It wasn’t me, by the way!”

Lily takes a quick bite of breakfast and then clamours to be let out for her morning walk.

This morning I noted that the “walkers” now out-number the stay-ins, 8/3.

The man may think I don’t notice how he accidentally leaves the door ajar….

In this manner, first Tinkerbelle regained her walking privileges, previously denied when she became too excited!

Next, it was shy little Patches. She is still a bit nervous. She saw me in the window last night and came rushing back, meowing. She melts my heart.

And the latest of Grant’s followers is Ms Fluff, La Lucy. She has become a “flight risk”, one of those that will shoot out the moment you crack the door.

“Oh no”, said Grant, “she comes right back.” Fluff promptly disappeared around the corner.

“Uh huh!” I said.

It looks as if I am fated to spend the rest of my day bashing my head against a wall, between attempts to contact a living person at my car insurance company.

If I could get hold of one I would have to be restrained, I am so totally infuriated.

Tomorrow, I am getting a broken tooth seen to, repaired or probably pulled. It will be a pleasure!

7 thoughts on “The New Forest

  1. I’m always wondering what’s going on in a cat’s mind when he’s staring in the distance for a long time. Wish I could read cat minds… 😉

  2. I am rather envious of the chubby groundhog preparing to sleep the winter away. I almost wish i could do that, and wake up for my birthday next March.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Willow probably asks: “Who is the most beautiful in these photos … let me show you my different sides” 😉? All I’m willing to say is that those flowers are lovely, but oh my, Willow is a beauty!
    I’m terrified of dentists – good luck!

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