Dog days

1900/27th August 2022

Becoming a countrywoman in 2018, I found I could not pass by a window without looking out.

Wild animals are often nearby and timing is everything.

Even if there is no bird or animal in sight, I can usually be certain of a strangely shaped cloud.

And failing that, it makes me happy just to view the open fields.

We have many windows and I look out frequently. At some point in every day I’ll catch sight of something special.

Last night, as I turned in front of the end window, I bent to gaze out of the lower pane and then I had to run back to summon Grant.

Since we first began seeing a fox weeks ago, chomping on peanuts near the house, we’d been debating whether it was a single creature.

Grant seemed to think sometimes, that there were two, so I tried comparing photographs, but those all looked the same.

Last night, there was no longer doubt!

On the left we are sure is a male, with a heavier build than little Peanut, above.

The foxes were at the end of the field in failing light. A challenge for my shaky hand, contending with window screens.

However, we were delighted to see the pair together.

The only thing better would be to see kits, which is very unlikely. We would rather just know they are safe.

Notice the leaves beginning to turn!

When talking on the phone, I don’t like being interrupted.

Especially when I am venting my displeasure with an insurance company:

“Don’t forget…”, “Tell them about…” etc etc…

(I still don’t have the car)

Under some circumstances I will make allowances, such as last night when I was on the phone with a friend.

Grant came by making wild gesticulations that reminded me of those people at airports who wave aeroplanes onto their gate. I ignored him but he soon came back and repeated the performance.

“What?” I mouthed, finally

A newly hatched Monarch butterfly.

Brand new, just sitting in the grass.

Do they think: “Wow! What happened to me?”

The four photos above are from last summer. I use them to illustrate the mind-blowing, short transformation from egg-caterpillar-chrysalis-Monarch. I don’t know how anyone could witness this and not be affected.


Summer is having a last gasp. The ‘Dog days’. At least I hope they are the last.

The ground hogs have become rotund. As they should.

Any day now, it’s going to pop.

Interestingly, the babies appear to have gone their separate ways. The only one we still see is Wobbles:

Wobbles has a good appetite and he gets around just fine, but there is something “wonky” about him.

He and Baby Red are happy to share

“‘course! My Mum brought me up right!

We’ll try to get enough food into Wobbles to get him through Winter. It’s all we can offer.

The sparrows (aka Swarm) have worked out a detente with the pigeons.

Thought it appears the sparrows did most of the talking!

“Don’t let them get a word in, I say!”

“Yes dear. You take care of that. I’ll just feed your child.”

It worked out well for the ambassadorial couple:

But they failed to make arrangements for the flock.

Swarm had made a separate, surreptitious agreement with two young Zoomers:

All they have to do is rush out and yell “Boo!”

“For unlimited access to the seed bowl? Sure!”

Pigeons wisely flee at the first sign of trouble.


“It’s too hot! Tell the dogs to go away!”

Yes it is, Willow. No garden duties for me today.

But I do have another small project….

7 thoughts on “Dog days

  1. Surprised you’ve not been shown the kits. The fox I considered ‘my fox’ seemed (to me) to take some pride in parading her playful kits across the yard.
    Great pics as per usual. Thanks.

    1. That’s interesting. I am not sure where their den may be but we’ve seen her disappear up into the woods all the way out by the distant wall. Maybe it’s too far?

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