Breakfast club

1737/18th August 2022

It seems my PC is getting as worn out as its owner.

Short bursts of activity, requiring long periods of rest.

During yesterday’s outage, I re-awakened the “beast” and I have not changed my opinion.

It is far too annoying, for a host of reasons.

But never mind....

As expected, Summer is back, though hopefully not for long. Late August is that time before Fall sets in, when everything looks tired.

And with the return of warm weather the blasted bugs are back. A wasp actually chased me indoors the other day. Normally I ignore them since I don’t stick my nose in their business, but this one spotted me and took an apparent dislike to me.

Being rather allergic to wasp bites in particular, I thought it best to abandon the field.

Not long after, a big fly attached itself to my orbit, which carried it indoors. I turned promptly on my heel, going back out and obligingly the fly went too.

Then I propellered my arms wildly to debar-ass myself and ran back in.

Grant was rescuing a caterpillar from our front door the other day and came face to face with this curious creature which neither of us had seen before.

Long legs, I am assuming mean some sort of hopper.

Bugs are welcome as long as they don’t annoy me.


After supper, Grant takes Dee Dee for special one-on-one walks, out in the long upper field, leaving me to muddle through my usual routines.

When these were long since finished last night, I thought perhaps I should have a look outside. In the unlikely event of Grant falling in a hole, it’s equally unlikely anyone would notice.

What I perceived from the end window was Grant at the bottom of the field waving his hands about. That time of day, bugs are awful, so why stay out?

It was clear to me why. Dee Dee had got herself lost and sure enough, the man came marching in to don long trousers for an expedition to the lower field and around the old wall that is otherwise inaccessible.

For once, I think he understood the feeling I get every time Lily or Toby doesn’t come in promptly.

No sooner had Grant galloped off down the hill than I saw a little furry Dee Dee-shaped creature emerge from the bushes. Just as well she has a white bib.

So now, I had to go out to rescue the rescuer. Well, hardly, but he could have been out there for hours calling the wicked girl.

Something had frightened her. She watched me approach with wide eyes, then poofed up and ran for the house as if the devil was after her.

When we got back to the patio she was laid out like the Queen of Sheba. “Something wrong?” she asked.


Sophia has no such adventures. She observes goings-on from the safety of her box.

“Is it time for after-dinner snack yet?”


“Speaking of snacks!”

“Did she not say she was fetching us nuts?”

“What took you so long?!”

It’s so nice to have grateful customers.

Little Red runs rings around the greys, but sometimes she elects avoidance, which gets the cats excited.

Red is quite happy to grab a nut and eat it hanging upside down on the window screen.

She scrabbles down, grabs another from under the bigger squirrel’s nose and re-attaches to the screen, all in a flash. Her claws don’t appear to get stuck.

A strange dream propelled me out of bed early this morning and before I was fully awake I had crashed out the front door, scaring off a deer which always makes me feel awful. They don’t yet understand my cry of “Oh! Sorry!”

So I carried on down the field, looking for a clear shot of the dawn. The over-long grass was heavy with dew and my canvas shoes were soon sopping wet which didn’t make the going any easier. Added to which I really don’t see well at that hour.

Apparently, my ears still function and I heard the sound of two grey herons lifting off.

So I pointed and shot, but you will have to squint the way I did, or take my word for it.

Trudging back to the house, I intended to distribute seed and nuts to the breakfast club, but having left my wet shoes at the door, I saw my unmade bed and fell back in it.

Some days they just have to wait.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast club

  1. (Using the reader to try to leave a comment.)
    I never go back to bed once I am up, as I can never get back to sleep again. I think of it as a curse.
    I would love to have a red squirrel eating must outside our window.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Little Red and Baby Red are very sweet and they race around at amazing speed. Not sure what’s up with my WP. Sorry it is acting up. I don’t even know what to look at as a fix. I need a small child to help.

  2. At least there is one thing that doesn’t “look tired” towards the end of summer … your sky photos! And my-my, Little Red is quite the acrobat – why would one eat a snack in such a tricky position I wonder … and then Little Red will probably give me the answer straight away: “Just because I can” 😄.

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