There be dragons

The garden calls….

Instead of rushing around this morning, topping up feeding stations and running back indoors, I made the mistake of observing the state of my neglected garden.

It’s bad.

Though I make attempts to remove invasive weeds and to water the flower beds, I get easily put off by excessive heat. And bugs.

And Autumn approaches which means many plants are “going over”. I get obsessed by removing them as they depress me.

But this plant thrives. It is the healthiest, strongest and largest plant in my garden.

And yes, it’s a weed. Poke weed.

Grant frowns at it and would have yanked it out which eventually I will have to do.

But as it seemed my most enthusiastic grower, I felt I should allow it to have its innings.

Poke weed is poisonous but I don’t intend to eat it, or brew tea from its roots all of which would be far too much trouble anyway.

Birds are said to like the berries and when they are done will be plenty of time to remove the plant.

Poisonous or no, I read that it can be used to treat achy muscles and tonsillitis and a variety of other ills, though it is unclear in what form.

Someone will be able to remind me what we called this plant in England. It seems to me that it was regarded as a flower and not a weed. The name will come to me eventually, the middle of the night, probably.

Every time I am unable to bring a word to mind I cringe, thinking this is the beginning of the downward slide.

Then I start to worry and the more I worry, the more elusive the word becomes….

Over here this is called ragweed and many people are allergic to it. Our fields are full of it.

Mostly I avoid it.

Recently, though, Bob Tarte posted a great photo on Facebook of ambush bugs which were enjoying the Michigan variety.

If you want to see it, you’ll need to look up his page.

And if you want to laugh, you will read any one of his riotous books.

Delaying tactics have not succeeded. I think I was hoping that by the time I finished, rain would have arrived but all we have is a promise, so…here I go…..

My attention has been a bit diverted these past few days and finding no immediate topic, I thought I might write about dragons…..,

Maybe I’ll do that.

Or maybe not…

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