No idea

There was a short, happy interlude, but I knew it was too good to be true.

Abandoning the new computer, I decided to turn on the disgraced Apple.

“Something wrong?” it asked.

“You could say that!”

“Well come on back…

Oh, I knew it was too good to be true, so I proceeded cautiously. Normally at night, I shut the thing down, but fearing it would seize up again, I resorted to allowing it to “sleep” instead.

Next day….everything just lovely.

But did I want to trust it not to fail again?

Not really.

Fact is, I still have my old Apple. It works, but…

Every 30 seconds, without exaggeration, the screen slides off sideways. No amount of applying this tip and that tip cured it and attempting to work with it…just not an option.

Though I can extract files from it and play DVDs, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, in Vermont…

My car has been at the dealership for 6 days, having had its wiring chewed up by rodents…

Insurance confirmed they would pay….I put the appropriate parties in contact with each other and almost dismissed it from my sadly deficient brain.

We have the luxury of a “loaner” car, so my only vague concern is that my car has to be inspected by August 31st. This cannot be done by the dealer because I live in New York and that’s where the car is registered.

Long ago, I learned that the absence of news is not good news. So when the silence became worrisome, I ventured: “Um, how’s it going?”

Not going at all, as it turned out. 100% breakdown in communication. When the insurance company emailed proudly that a payment of *$305.98 had been made, I was not too concerned because as I understood it, additions would be made as the job progressed.

Never-the-less, I emailed the adjuster for clarification.

It seemed odd that the man is in Texas, but who am I to decide what is peculiar in these times of fax and Zoom?

The only communication I received, finally, was from the fix-it lady, inquiring about the loaner car. Were we enjoying it?

“Oh yes, thank you very much, Really appreciate it. How’s it going?” Which is when I discovered that nothing was going.

No news is just no news.

Hopefully, I have convinced the fix-it folk to get on with the job and with luck, perhaps an adjuster located less than 2,000 miles away will have contemplated the vehicle with a view to extending further payments.

It is frustrating, when you follow, to the letter, instructions you have been given, only to find out that another party is expecting an additional step to be taken by some other mysterious participant. Fortunately, I no longer trust that anything will go according to plan.

As for computers….

My Apple slept through one night and kept going through the following day after which, as lay reading that night, suddenly….alarming sounds! Oh dear.

With low expectations, next morning, I was delighted to find Apple still alive and we got through that day.

Yesterday, it wasn’t Apple that failed, it was some issue with Word Press. Two hours of work vanished. No great loss, it was only a silly story I’d concocted, just…SCREAM!

And this morning, Apple showed me it’s black face.

Which is why you have an eclectic selection of photographs here.

Fighting with the beast to upload from my camera is more than I can deal with just now.

Where to next?

I’ve no idea.




*Is it me, or does anyone else get annoyed by payments of $xxx.98? Would it be such stretch to round the figure?

3 thoughts on “No idea

  1. What do you call an elk that costs $7 million?
    Dear deer.
    Nobody ever sells things for round numbers, it has to be £7.99, £354.49 etc. I wonder will it still be the same in a cashless society?

  2. When in doubt (or in disaster), just give me pictures of animals and nature. They (the so-called clever people) say, we will buy easier when an item cost $1.99 rather than paying $2.00 for it … hmm 👀

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