This is going to be a very short, strange post.

For starters, my pictures have vanished again.

Well, not totally. They are there, somewhere, but I had to re-activate One Drive which I have been notified by…Microsoft? is almost full. (Already?)

Of course, for a monthly fee I can increase the space.

It’s not a huge amount. It’s that I am being forced to pay it. I wouldn’t even mind that, if the perishing thing was not so confusing!

Not to mention slow.

Every day I seem to waste more and more time getting nowhere.


Grant spent hours yesterday mouse-proofing the garage. Then he came in for supper after which he climbed up into the crawlspace under the roof.

Where he discovered not a leak in the roof, but a cracked conduit in the air conditioner’s condenser line.

He arranged a temporary fix which took some doing and he came down looking like a boiled lobster.

Although our temperature is a lot less that a week ago, under that roof you could roast meat.

The a/c fix-it chap is coming later today to take a look. Hopefully it will be sorted before the next heat wave.

In the meantime, I can’t ask Grant to help me with computer problems, particularly as he doesn’t totally understand the new system himself.

So he gets frustrated and I pull my hair….

We haven’t come to blows, but I may fetch a large hammer and smash the new device to pieces.

I’ve never smashed anything expensive before….

But before I get to that extreme, I need to take my own advice, breathe deep, calm down, give the cats lunch…

…and have another go….

Grant is with a neighbour this afternoon, so he won’t hear me cursing. Not that he doesn’t hear it all the time, but he will want to rescue me and I think I need to solve it for myself, if I’m to have a hope of ever getting anywhere!


Just so you know that my sense of humour hasn’t totally failed…

Recently I mentioned that in my Cambodian boarding school days, the girls used to trap cicadas and made them sing after lights out.

It annoyed the nuns so I thought it was funny.

Two nights ago, guess what?

As I read my book before putting my head down, what did I hear? Right. A cricket. Not as loud as a cicada and fortunately it honored my lights out.

But I tried to locate it so I could put it out where it belongs. No chance. It went silent and hid.

Last night, though, as if it wanted help in being escorted out, it arrived beside my bed. With a little effort I caught it in my mouse-trapping pail, and out it went into the moonlit night.

Relieved that I had done a good thing, I resumed reading.

“Chirp!” Another one!

This one also hid and sadly did not survive the night. I hope it was not pining for its mate 🙁

6 thoughts on “Rescues

  1. That groundhog seems to have put on enough weight for hibernation. It will need a gastric bypass soon…
    On my PC (somewhere) I also have ‘One Drive’. I have never activated it, never accessed it, and I do not even want to know if it exists. When I get a message to ‘Update your One Drive’, I look away until it disappears. People over 70 do not need to know anything abour ‘One Drive’, in my not-so-humble opinion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. They have a long winter to get through! I worry about the tiny ones though they seem healthy enough. Grant helped me to kill One Drive so we’ll see what happens next!

  2. It’s good news that the roof is not leaking (it is, right?) … the ‘One Drive-thing’ is another story. When I see these things, I just want to know: “Can I use the computer without this?” Oh, the groundhog looks ready for winter – great picture!

  3. Well, despite your IT battle you still managed a nice selection of photos. I am firmly resolved never to go anywhere near Windows and its associated add ons, all of which seem designed to frustrate their users. I am a die hard Mac user!

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