11th July 2022

One day recently we came home to find the nyjer-seed feeder had been thrown to the ground.

Raccoons! We said.

Picking it up, I screwed the bottom back on and although it was a bit bent, hung it back up.

But it was not the masked bandits.

As became apparent, early this morning…”

After swinging precariously back and forth a few times, having dumped most of the newly topped up seed, our little friend found enough to nibble on.

Or maybe it was just trying to be cool:

“I meant to do that!”

Obviously trying to emulate Little Red whose bottom is quite a lot smaller.


“Oh, hai! Good morning!”

“You knocked on the window. Did you want something?”

“Wow! You distracted me. Lost my centre of gravity!”

Squirrel dismount…

“Great goodness! What was that?

“Heavens above. Such rowdy clientele at this canteen!”

“I’ll just lie here in the shade for a minute.”

“On behalf of my species, may I extend an apology…”

“Should hope so too. We get all the blame!”

“Just because we have masks!”

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