What we feel

1415/25th May 2022

There are times when Grant will call me to “Come quickly!” to a window or out to the garden. This day, he was excited about the clouds and contrails.

Somehow I pushed a wrong button on the camera and ended up in a mode I didn’t want. After which the photos wouldn’t download, though the two were not related.

Just one more small thing to annoy me.

Then I chastised myself. How can I allow such insignificant annoyances irritate me?

How can I sit here writing inane, insignificant scribblings, when so many dreadful things are happening, every day, by the hour?

So I sat here and wrote what I felt.

Which was decidedly grim, so best not to “share” it.

Instead, I’ll show you what Thimphu “sent” me, on the anniversary of his death, ten years ago.

Remember, a few days ago, I said that after I lost him, so suddenly, hearts began to “show up”…

This is not quite a heart, perhaps. It’s all in the perspective:

A black walnut shell that I found in the grass. I have always regarded owls as special too.

Either way, it came on that day. No, I really don’t think it is a message.

Thimphu was so tiny. When he reached 1 pound, it was cause to celebrate.

Timmy was with me for 8 such short years. He was a very special birthday present.

My first Himalayan, Yeti had been a very special Christmas present, 18 years before.

All of my cats have always had their own special place in my heart.

4 thoughts on “What we feel

  1. Your musing on many subjects and the brilliant photos, Carolyn, is a very much-needed distraction from the bad things happening daily in the world! Keep on distracting!
    I love the hearts, messages or not…


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