25th May 2022

The first Monarch butterfly flitted past the window today, without stopping for photographs.

Hopefully it noted the rather large crop of milkweed outside my front door and around the house.

In the fields, dandelions turned to seed, modifying their hue briefly until strong winds dispersed them.

Summer is setting in. The solstice may still be three weeks away, but our Memorial Day marks the beginning of the season here with a long weekend.

Parades, picnics, barbecues and get-togethers.

At the age of twelve, I was obliged to march in a parade, though it was more of a casual saunter.

It wasn’t personal experience that put me off parades.

It’s the noise and crowds and because I am deeply cynical. While I understand the reason for parades, when it comes to the military I would find it far more respectful if returning veterans were properly cared for.

Yet how many ultimately find themselves homeless?

It should not happen to a single one.

So, Summer.

A stormy day here, with bright periods.

And a ton of biting insects.

Everything seems to be flourishing this year.

It isn’t just the dandelions that have gone to seed.

Our grass is out of control.

“I say, Mrs, this is a bit thick!

“A girl could get lost in here!”

“Oh hello! You looking for me?”

“Bit of a challenge to find those nuts.”

“This stuff’s tickling my nose.”

It is certainly unkempt, but the “lawn” is full of cat-mint.

If I wait a few days before having it cut, we may have a sea of blue. And I would rather like that.

Somehow I doubt there will be many complaints.

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