0615/25th May 2022

“May I assume then, that breakfast will be served?”


You would think, having expressed such interest in the forthcoming meal, that he would consume it.

But Toby only ever takes half a lick then moves on.

“This one. Or perhaps, that one…”

“What’ve you got over there?”

“Coming to check, but wait, maybe over there?

“Oi, Tinks, get in line!”

“And that queue forms here!”

“Cans are open but the dishes are still empty!”

“Service here gets worse by the hour.”

Do it yourself catering. Much more efficient.

Bunny hopped off down the driveway. Notice his necklace. Ticks šŸ™

Following on from what I said yesterday

Typical isn’t it, that on a morning which just happens to find me awake at an indecently early hour, dawn would provide no spectacle for my contemplation.

Instead, something else…

Getting nerves cauterized is no big drama but the steroid and local anesthesia cocktail which is injected lead to a bad night and a cracking headache.

You resign yourself to it as it does bring relief, in time…

Blackie and Patches arrived around 4 o’clock and drawing arms from under my blanket, I took one on each side, then shivered in my sub standard condition.

Finally, it grew light, so on with the day….

Bird seed, suet, water, peanuts. If you shop or travel alone, you learn to carry lots of items at once.

No problem.

But I made a fatal mistake.

Still shivering, I went to get a sweater and bumped into something.

The jug of seed went up in the air.

A fine mess.

When the bottom fell out of a bag of kibble, assistance was immediate and effective.

But there were no takers for bird seed.

So I swept it up, donned the sweater and sailed forth.

Topped up two seed trays, turned to get the water and stepped back, straight into the seed tray.

Now I had a shoe full.

It wasn’t yet 6 o’clock but the queue was forming again in the kitchen…..


Zoomer was busy yesterday, in and out of his hole by the driveway.

Down at the pond, a terrapin was sunning himself.

Naughts and crosses above the Hudson


This being another of those days, I am now about to do battle, once more with my PC.

Which is stubbornly refusing to download photographs.

Perhaps it took umbrage at what I called it yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Umbrage?

  1. I don’t think Toby cares about any queues for food. That seed tray was your nemesis … after a morning like this, I would definitely put up a sign for “self catering” šŸ˜„.

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