0547/25th May 2022

There was no promise of photographs and there was almost no – anything.

As we left the house, my PC was asking to be updated. We would be gone all morning, so…why not? HA!

Returning in time for late lunch, I discovered the PC was STUCK. Well and truly STUCK.

Cursing and swearing were initiated, to no avail. Forcing off and on, unplugging etc etc.

“Fine!” I said, “You can be replaced!”

Yes, well. There’s my old PC, keen to be resuscitated, but where were the keyboard and the mouse? Did we have any new batteries?…

Some considerable time later, I had all those things together and basically linked up, but then I remembered why I had moved on from there to start with. And of course that PC is totally outdated. MOAN.

Still, I have a suspicion computers are more sensitive than we give them credit for.

In the past, I have employed THREATS quite successfully.

My ex-employer became computerized in 1970. Any of us who joined the ranks before that were trained for manual systems.

So when the computer system failed, all too often, I used to pick up a pad of carbonized loadsheets and wave it in front of the sulking screen.

It almost always worked.

Of course our techie guys took credit.

So now it’s late and my head hurts.

But I did manage to take some photographs.

Still not early enough, but I was able to capture Sun chasing Moon into the fine morning sky.

And a few damn damp things.

The world is delightfully fresh, at sunrise.

Until our days grow shorter, however, I may not witness it too often.

3 thoughts on “Chaser

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for making me smile. I employ the threats too, often successfully. I love all your photos, whether wet or not!


  2. They seem to install glitches deliberately in computers to make us want to buy new ones. I have yet to update to Windows 11, as I am sure that will leave me frustrated and raging!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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