Early birds

0710/23rd May 2022

Getting out of bed is not so easy these days but once it gets light, birds begin looking for breakfast.

And the cat chorus seems to start earlier every day.

This morning when I finally groaned and gave in at 0615, I realized that Blackie had almost succeeded in pushing me off the bed.

The bed, which I acquired with the house is king-sized, yet when Blackie decides to sleep with me, I am allocated just six inches.

Before lights out, I shift her to the middle but somehow during the night she bulldozes me back to my bit on the edge. Leaving the rest unoccupied.

Patches was perched on my tummy, but when Blackie saw my eyes open, she pushed in to sit on my chest.

Once before, my face got in the way of extended cat claws, so I said “Right. Up!”

What I would like is to get up and greet the dawn, but these days it seems to be more than I can manage.

Just as well I have needy faces to motivate me.

“Stuffing my cheeks for the little ones.”

We think that Zoomer has produced little Zoomers

Though it’s very hard to tell unless you see them together, because they are all so small.

Then, if you do see two at once, they are rushing about at top speed

It is something of a challenge, photographically.

Zoomer can barely see over the grass, so he does look-out from on top of the Sumac.

Strong winds yesterday gave the sky the appearance of being air-brushed.

It was the perfect day for landscaping.

Grant decided to replace a rotting wooden frame and make the front flowerbed bigger. It won’t always look like a cemetery plot!

Lily was desperate to help…

“Please! Oh please let meoooouwwt!”

Dee Dee yawned:

“Would you stop all that racket!”

“I beg your pardon!”

Another invasive plant, Japanese Honeysuckle.

It grows everywhere, but the bees love it, so it’s a good thing…

…because the apple blossom is over.

It attracted some of the biggest bees I have ever seen.

Hopefully there will be a bumper crop of apples.

For the deer.

The catbird is heard, but not seen these days.

The hummingbirds have also been scarce of late. Usually, once they arrive we see them all summer.

Yesterday, when a little one turned up, a wind gust carried him off 🙁

Meanwhile the squirrels have been practicing social distancing.

It’s nothing to do with contagious diseases.

Unless they observe each other’s personal space they have to fight. It’s a squirrel thing.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment, so I will be up early but I can’t guarantee there will be photographic evidence.

4 thoughts on “Early birds

  1. The clouds are beautiful so early in the morning! Zoomer looks so cute (as well as very alert of what’s going on). Haha 😁, yes Lily is trying her outmost best to be a good assistant to Grant … from a distance! Squirrels practising social distance – that’s a good one Carolyn! Good luck with your appointment 🌞.

  2. Always fun to see your visitors. We thought our squirrels had deserted us after the trees were trimmed, but the biggest one came back to raid the sunflower seeds from the bird feeder two days ago.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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