2010/22nd May 2022

Sunday was a no-mouse night.

At least I found no evidence of it, as I had on Sunday morning, in the form of a tail and two back legs.

Willow in fact spent at least a part of the night on my bed and I am always so pleased when that happens.

The mouser-in-chief.

The promised thunderstorm brought impressive cloud, rumbled a bit and brought some rain, sweeping away the oppressive heat.

With temperatures climbing through the 90’s(32+), I scarcely went outside. Though it’s mostly the biting insects that bother me.

Responsible person that I am, however, I went outside to batten down anything that might blow away.

The heat of these last couple of days caused a growth spurt and I noticed that the catmint is in flower.

The wallflowers are up too. (above)

The dianthus, a recent purchase, looks promising

and the Siberian tea is positively standing to attention.

Challenged by the milkweed, perhaps.

As the storm approached, we saw a deer down in the far field. Even at such a distance I think she knew we were watching. She looked straight at me.

Another friend came by to soak her feet in the water I had just refreshed and she found some peanuts.

She seemed to be having a conversation with someone

Then she said: “I’m bushed! It’s been such a day!”

“Going to lie down to my meal.”

The storm passed with no fanfare and as night came on, the sky turned pink:

This morning, a delightful 54F/12C


4 thoughts on “Cool!

  1. I just can’t get over the fact how green everything suddenly is … it feels like just the other day that the world was still covered in snow! And I love your high temperatures (though, I know you don’t) 🌞. Ah dianthus – I grew up with them being in our garden … maybe not the wild ones (and one of my dad’s favourite flowers).

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