Eighteen minutes…

1713/12th April 20221

Eighteen minutes is about all I’ve got today, due to appointments here and there. So I’ll offer you a set of photographs taken over a period of just that length.

Bucky arrived late yesterday to find no carrots left.

Just seed husks!

Poor little thing looked so sad.

So Grant opened the kitchen window and buzzed two whole carrots out. (Usually he slices them delicately.)

Scared, Bucky fled to his burrow but was soon back…

How long does it take a groundhog to eat a carrot? 18 minutes.

Grant has decided he need not cut the carrots quite so finely after all!

3 thoughts on “Eighteen minutes…

  1. What’s better (or is it maybe more) … a carrot cut in chunks or one whole carrot? Well, I think Bucky prefer them in one piece from now on – what a feast! Love your pictures (and running commentary)!

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