“Come back, please”

0711/7th February 2022

The narrowest gap in yesterday morning’s cloud encouraged the Sun to force its way through.

And early birds took to the air, calling out.

“You cannot hold me back!” said the Sun.

Soon the distant hills came into view…

…and the nearby ridges were bathed in light.

Off we went for the first appointment.

While we had escaped the worst of two recent storms, our roads are caked in ice. The way was clear but we proceeded with caution.

The elements had enhanced one of my favourite rustic views.

It’s a blessing to have a driver always and to have the chance to observe the passing scenery.

Despite the recent storms and bitter cold, I saw a change in the trees.

Even at this early stage, I feel that the sap is rising. Fingers are reaching out once more to the light.

Rubbish. The trees are still naked!

So they may be, but they no longer look stark and bedraggled, weighed down by Winter.

Nascent leaves may be the minutest buds, but this is the time of year when I sense Nature re-awakening.

Willow trees, of course maintain their elegance throughout. Are they not magnificent?

Now this is one of those interesting trees that still holds on to last year’s leaves.

It appeared, at a passing glance, to sport both dead leaves as well as this year’s buds.

Grant always keeps his eye on the road, but he observed recently, looking out a window that the trees seemed “fluffy”.

“Yes!” I said, glad that it was not just my imagination.

Maybe it’s the best time of year, Winter still much in evidence, but with just a hint of Spring.

(Winter is my season.)

I read once that if you wish to see a creature you must “ask” it to appear. I had been bemoaning the absence since November of deer.

We had just passed the first group when we came upon two more….can you see the second?

Hint: there was a dip in the road!

There are still none on my property, but perhaps when the garden grows they will come back to feast.

They will be welcome.

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  1. Yes, it’s great to see the deer again (and hopefully the WILL return to your garden soon … see, now I have also ask for it to appear 😊). Brr, it looks so cold – even with the sun shining … enjoy YOUR favourite season!

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