Early show

0704/18th January, 2022

There is was again, that band of colour around the horizon. Pink, this morning. I noticed that distant clouds were brightly rimmed and knew I must keep an eye on developments.

Though we would be leaving soon and I had my morning duties to attend.

Birds and squirrels are extra hungry, these cold days.

So I rushed about, hammering on frozen bird baths and emptying a layer of snow from the feeders before refilling them.

It’s a five-minute job but so much can happen in those few short moments and I kept glancing up.

And…”Oh Wow” I said:

Nature has an inexhaustible colour pallet :

Shapes and combinations…

Nature has many ways of drawing our attention. How can we pay her so little heed?

At 7:30 we headed out just as the show was ending.

Not that there wasn’t more to see…

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