Early show

0704/18th January, 2022

There is was again, that band of colour around the horizon. Pink, this morning. I noticed that distant clouds were brightly rimmed and knew I must keep an eye on developments.

Though we would be leaving soon and I had my morning duties to attend.

Birds and squirrels are extra hungry, these cold days.

So I rushed about, hammering on frozen bird baths and emptying a layer of snow from the feeders before refilling them.

It’s a five-minute job but so much can happen in those few short moments and I kept glancing up.

And…”Oh Wow” I said:

Nature has an inexhaustible colour pallet :

Shapes and combinations…

Nature has many ways of drawing our attention. How can we pay her so little heed?

At 7:30 we headed out just as the show was ending.

Not that there wasn’t more to see…

3 thoughts on “Early show

  1. Nature seemed to be generous with her art in so many places this morning. It was so beautiful that it deserved to be allowed time in my eyes and memory only. I could not deprive them by spending time getting a camera!

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