Keeping warm

30th December 2021

Today’s photograph was chosen by Toby.

He was poking my hand to persuade me to give him a treat from my drawer and when I looked up, somehow the above photo was on the screen.

On the left, an osprey nest on a power pole.

This was one of those very grey days in December.

Grant was driving up to Fort Edward to collect something and I went along for the ride.

Surprisingly, even on the grayest day, you can find colour if you look for it.

Back in December, Nature was only toying with us, dropping a little snow at night and then pumping up daylight temperatures to make us believe Winter wouldn’t happen.

But Mother Nature is mad and bears watching.

Suddenly it was seriously cold, though not so grey:

Mother Nature sent us some bone-chilling winds which made it hard to stay warm.

Lily so wanted to go out…

..but she soon changed her mind.

Everyone curled up by a radiator.

“Extreme weather” warnings kept arriving on our iPhones yesterday. The sky had clouded over by 3 pm, followed by a cold night. But the “Saskatchewan Screamer” apparently went to scream elsewhere, dropping less than an inch of new snow.

At breakfast time, a light in the sky suggested maybe we were in the clear. Snow flurries then turned to sleet as the temperature suddenly rose above freezing.

Last time I looked…blue skies were returning.

But Mother Nature is still teasing us and tonight promises another deep freeze which will coat us in ice for tomorrow morning…

..when we shall be off bright and early to an appointment. But, as long as we can slide out to the garage without taking a tumble, I think we’ll be good.

The question is….when will the gas delivery arrive….Should I be disconcerted that the company’s website tells me my order “will be delivered by January 28th”?

Though, since our level is now down to 16%, we qualify as an “emergency”…

So I’ve been promised….it will arrive no later than Wednesday…

7 thoughts on “Keeping warm

  1. Oh yes, with gas on just 16% you certainly qualifies as an emergency … and here I thought Monday (today) was the day for gas refilling 😬. I would definitely freeze there by you – such beautiful pictures, but so cold (I would curl up with all the cats close to those radiators … and stay on the line with the gas company)!


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